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    Re: Why do men live less long than women?

    I want to quantify what I just said.
    At the Men's Centre here we have guys turning up here in all sorts of states (mentally and emotionally), after being blind-sided by the Government funded Psyche Services, if they were women, it would never be a problem.
    We have to "iron out the creases" with these guys, some of which are very wound up, never violent, just sad and depressed and looking for someone to talk to.
    At the end of the day, it is probably best that they talk to one of us guys, than a feminazi social worker.

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    Re: Why do men live less long than women?

    Can you elaborate on what a Psyche Nurse is? Is that what I might be tempted to call a Psychiatrist?
    The most offensive thing you can do to a feminist is treat her with FULL equality.
    --Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right.--

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    Re: Why do men live less long than women?

    Quote Quote from bachelor tom View Post

    During the stone age you were lucky to make it passed age 30. If sickness didn't get you the beasts would finish the job....

    Good point. It's easy to forget how different our lives are today. I get a bit carried away with the evolutionary stuff, but it seems like such a perfect foil for feminist revisionism. The general idea that our behaviour has roots going back thousands if not millions of years is intriguing to me.

    The other side of the coin is human adaptibility, and individual autonomy and freedom of choice. No other animal has the kind of flexibility we have. We're still animals, but apparently unique in our self-awareness and creativity.(and self-destructiveness?)
    Feminism = Fear + Flattery

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    Re: Why do men live less long than women?

    Quote Quote from MikeT View Post
    And on the same side of the coin, these men are turned away from Psyche Services, by the female Social worker/do-gooder/supposed qualified Psyche Nurse, that only "helps" women that are "in pain" over a marriage break-up, caused by their own un-doing.
    It's no wonder so many men kill themselves.
    As of 2009, there were only 2 male Psyche Nurses in NZ, both of them are in the North Island.
    Once again the female-dominated health system, only serves a purpose FOR WOMEN.
    As with much of the health services - the psychiatric field is dominated by women (and capitulated men) who jealously guard the power they hold within. It's therefore very perturbing to those men attempting to forge career inroads within a rigid system who could otherwise aid productively in the treatment of vulnerable men.

    I don't doubt there are indeed some excellent 'individual' female nurses who give a damn about male patients, but they are too few and constricted within a morally dilapidated system much in need of an overhaul - which must have 'inclusivity' as it's driving theme. Just as common sense dictates that women best understand other women, so it logically follows that having more men in the psychiatric field will provide an outlet for otherwise ostracized men.

    Not treating these men adequately is not only morally negligent, but also inadvertently contributes towards the social wreckage that may entail if ignored.
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    Thomas Jefferson

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