Principal Loses Job

Last Update: May 17, 2007 5:47 PM

Posted By: Maritza Nunez

A San Antonio school principal tried again to pass the test required for her job. She recently took that test for the 38th time.

The results were not good and now she is out of that job.

A spokesperson for the San Antonio Independent School District says Elizabeth Rojas is no longer the principal at Smith Elementary.

She took the state exam required for her job again just a few weeks ago.

It was her second attempt since we revealed in February that she'd already failed it 36 times before, more than any other educator in the state.

Rojas failed again for the 38th time.

The district has now removed her from that job and given her the position of administrative assistant at Smith.

She now makes just slightly less than her nearly $78,000 a year principal's salary.

When we called the school and asked for Rojas today, we were told she was still the principal and in a meeting with teachers.

The district says the interim principal is Billy Terrell who retired from the district last year.

He told us by phone today, that he is now running the school - not Rojas.

The district declined to comment on camera about Rojas' reassignment but parents at Smith had plenty to say.

"If you can't past the test, you don't need to be in that position."

"Well, I think she should be removed because she does need that certification to be a principal."

"She's a very good principal here at Smith. I'm sorry she's going to leave."

The district says the school will have a new permanent principal next year.

Rojas will be moved to some other job inside the district she is certified to do.