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    @Garak Spot On!!! My jaw dropped too at the...


    Spot On!!!

    My jaw dropped too at the idea that that state is now legalizing the mothers horrendous behavior, I mean seriously whatever happened to safe sex practices and protection? Now...
  2. International It’s been a while since I've been here, mostly...

    It’s been a while since I've been here, mostly dealing with deployments with my job and temporary duty assignments, but I still love catching up on the articles. I read the link: REPORT on women and...
  3. Canada Re: Say it with me, ‘I earn more than my husband’

    I have to agree more with Celtic Druids assessment. Women do boast about making more money because its empowering, and being empowered is what being a modern woman is all about. This is where they...
  4. Canada Re: Say it with me, ‘I earn more than my husband’

    I got to the end and decided to pick apart bits from the last few paragraphs.

    Dr. Doucet, who is currently completing a book about breadwinning mothers and their male partners, feels that greater...
  5. Re: Response to False Rape Allegation Statistics

    Yeah, I see this mostly as an attempt at allowing women to evade any responsibility for their actions. I just hope that one day we will hold both men and women equaliy accountable in a court of law...
  6. Re: The Truth Behind Legal Dominance: Feminism's "Two Percent False Rape Claim Figure"

    Bascially, yes. Slanting the truth in order to lend creedence to ones ideology.
  7. Response to False Rape Allegation Statistics

    This is from an old post that Tyreal posted:

    I thought I'd create a new...
  8. Re: The Truth Behind Legal Dominance: Feminism's "Two Percent False Rape Claim Figure"

    I know this is an old post, but I was doing some research into false rape allegations and while our NotCompensating Guest here cites a study that seems to debunk what Tyreal has posted, I actually...
  9. USA Re: In Florida 3 girls strip boy naked and film him and post it on you tube.

    Man I hate Florida, I wish I wasn't stationed here. Its bad enough what with the courts being biased towards men, but watching the news program and their nonchalant behavior, even of the mother, just...
  10. International This is interesting stuff. I had no idea that...

    This is interesting stuff. I had no idea that circumcision was a feminist issue, but now that I see what the agenda is, I can see why. However, like a lot of their policies, they usually have another...
  11. Thread: Adult Bullies

    by Rickster

    Re: Adult Bullies

    I've had to deal with people like that, and usually putting them on the spot is what makes them feel awkward and stupid. They garnish the support they get from peers which is why they muster up...
  12. USA Re: NYTimes: Shortage of college men makes for female "victims"

    Hah, I think you may be right. Thank goodness its just fairy tales. I just hope Batman and Superman retain their origional character, and don't go gay or something stupid like that, but it may be...
  13. USA Re: NYTimes: Shortage of college men makes for female "victims"

    My friend is getting out of the military and going to college, and he saw the guy girl ratio and was shocked to see its 30-70. It’s an art school, so not surprised. I researched this article read...
  14. USA Re: Research: Women will be doing the housework until 2050

    So here’s the scoop on why men should do housework:

    It makes us sexy and is something that has been reiterated over and over, just do a google search and see how men doing housework is a huge turn...
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    Re: Why Men Don't Open Up To Women

    Too bad this kind of satire is usually met with contempt from extremists who believe this kind of humor only promotes violence against women or something ridiculous like that. I find it funny how...
  16. USA Re: Another Single Mother Columninst Gets It Wrong

    Thinking about the three boys in this case, what is this mother teaching them? These boys are going to grow up hating themselves for being men, and try so hard to be the type of man that women think...
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    USA Re: Casy Anthony NOT GUILTY!

    And so the propaganda has begun. Already we are seeing an endless stream of sensationalistic garbage accompanying this trial. Casey Anthony has been offered $1 million to appear on The Jerry...
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    USA Re: Casy Anthony NOT GUILTY!

    Looking back on this case after it gets pulled 10 years later from a cold case file, a detective is going to read the following:

    Child missing found dead, suspected evidence against mother. Mother...
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    USA Re: More from the voice of desperation

    The reason why every bit of relationship advice for women attracting men is off: Because its advice from other womyn. Womyn know how to attract womyn and so really the advice is not about attracting...
  20. Sticky: Re: Divorce Laws Unfair to Men and Multimillion Awards Degrading for Women,Baroness D

    I enjoyed this post, and the article. Something that I’ve been thinking about as I read your comments goes back to something that I’ve noticed in a lot of social issues we deal with today, namely...
  21. USA Acts of Crime Seen Differently When Done by Womyn

    I had recently made reference to womyn and crimes, and how they can be just as horrific in their intent and purpose as men. It reminded me of a story I heard on the news not too long ago, which...
  22. Re: The Days when Nude Swimming was Required (for boys)

    I'm pretty sure they would contend to the fact that we desire the exploitation too, just like women who do porn, oh wait female pornstars are traumatized into doing what they do by the patriarchy. My...
  23. Re: The Days when Nude Swimming was Required (for boys)

    You know what's funny, I did a google search and discovered that this is actually a sexual fetish. It fell under the category of cfnm, clothed female naked male. I find it funny to think how women...
  24. Sweden Re: MSN: The World's Best Country for Women is Sweden

    True, I never really thought of it like that, and now I'm curious as to how their legal system runs. Do womyn who wield the power still receive better treatment by the court with lighter...
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    Re: Gentlemen and Ladies

    Thanks for the warm welcome.

    I appreciate your comments, and I love how you all manage to give me some food for thought, showing me that there is always something more to learn. I've looked...
  26. Sweden Re: MSN: The World's Best Country for Women is Sweden

    What I found so funny was the fact that womyn had been given the freedom and equality they so yearned for and what is the first thing they do with it? Exactly what they claim men did to them, and...
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    International Re: Science proves it! I'm superior to males!

    I had many thoughts about this article and understand it’s just lady Catherine just joking around, but I thought I’d post them here. The first one is actually from a research paper I did about...
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    Gentlemen and Ladies

    I've stumbled across this forum while researching DV statistics because I thought my textbook was very one-sided on the issue, namely all women are battered for no reason other than their men are...
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    USA Re: Women-Only Leadership: Would it prevent war?

    Behind every good man is a good woman. Well wouldn't the opposite be true too? Behind every evil man is an evil woman. In the media we often see the female companion of the male villian as someone...
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    Sticky: Re: Men Compared to Women Averages

    Well we can argue statistics, but quite honestly they usually are done with a 95% confidence interval which means that there is only a small margin of error. This small margin can change the...
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