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  1. Re: Objectification: More on why feminists are a cult!

    For me,if a girl seems pretty enough to sleep with,then she is automatically potential girlfriend material. Of course most of these girls that I go see by I never talk with or anything,so I will have...
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    Resurrecting an old thread.

    Yan Yan:
    Was that a gag?
  3. Re: Karo: "No Girls In The Octagon" Mixed Martial Arts

    I think it's a dumb comment. A european kickboxing champ recently voiced a very similar one. It's their business. That's just giving ammunition to the feminists. The lack of olympic female boxing and...
  4. Re: Masculism - Updates to "second wave" agenda

    I think fighting governmental misandry and that of private organizations is one thing,another is conciousness raising about action in daily life,which is the masculist philosophy and lifestyle. Any...
  5. Re: Is Infant Male Circumcision an Abuse of the Rights of the Child?

    MAUS:It sort of sounds like you're hinting that people would not care if it was not for feminism's influence. Publications calling infant circ immoral appeared in medical literature by the 60's,if...
  6. Re: Is Infant Male Circumcision an Abuse of the Rights of the Child?

    elzoog:Which is kind of proven by the fact that out of all the circumcisions of the world,only a few were not forced.
  7. Re: Is Infant Male Circumcision an Abuse of the Rights of the Child?

    MAUS:What about the studies which indicate that women do not desire mutilation? Although some women do. Some women may do it to their sons because they hate males. I've heard of women admitting to...
  8. Re: Men's Breasts: No Joking Matter

    I've got this condition and it definitely has affected the way I wear.
    Recently I had a chat with a plastic surgeon and she suggested I was "depressed" and should consult a psychiatrist first,before...
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    Re: Transgendered

    Annette1313I'm not sure what you're saying here. Virtually all MRA:s are opposed to circumcision,then there's a bunch of single issue organizations,the members of which may or not believe in one or...
  10. Re: Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature - Surprisingly male friendly

    I'm not crazy about this sociobiology stuff,the feminists are even using it nowadays. Of course they try to make it so that men appear animalistic and women remain helpless victims. They say men are...
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