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    Sticky: Re: Woman-hating site...

    If there is one thing that stands out in the criticism from feminist's of sites like this or any thing they wish to comment on it's the personalisation and emotional content as above in reference to...
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    Re: Presenting you the alpha female

    Oh dear how tragic an alpha female that can manage to express her alpharism (If there is such a word) by typing with one hand while masturbating, absolutely outstanding could we have the YouTube...
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    Re: Feministe: "how can we help men"?

    How can I be polite about this offer ? I'll try "thank you for the offer but from previous experience of working 3 jobs to pay child support, a domestic violence order based on unfounded irrational...
  4. Re: Tampons, evil men, oppression & rape - all in one tweet.

    Ever had one of those days where everything you touch turns to shite then I read this, its true then 2BC's really exist ( 2 brain cells one's gone on annual leave and the other is out looking for...
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    Congratulations to Fiona, having had the "Shed" ...

    Congratulations to Fiona, having had the "Shed" experience a couple of times I now steer well clear of them, the first was with a Local Government organisation while on the outside it appeared an...
  6. I recall reading a short quote, sorry I can't...

    I recall reading a short quote, sorry I can't recall the author but went like this "How to offend a Feminist, give them everything they want and then sit back and say nothing" which for me is the...
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