A Mouse You Can Wear On Your Finger

Spotted at COMPUTEX 2007 in Taipei, this Ring Finger Mouse was hiding in the back corner of the convention center. In fact, the booth was so far back in the boonies, we didn’t think we’d find anything interesting there at all. The product is currently still in prototype sample form, but we were able to snag a shot when no one was looking.

The mouse is placed on your finger closest to your thumb. You rotate the mouse over so that your thumb has access to the trackstick and the mouse buttons. It runs off a USB port and combines a retractable cable dongle to keep things tidy when you put it away. You have a right click, left click, and another button that looks like it helps center the cursor in the middle of the screen.

The product is currently applying for FCC approval so whenever that gets finished up, you should see it on the shelves.