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    How about Galaga?

    How about the game Galaga? I still see that game in the various game rooms in Korea even today and even despite the fact that Koreans are even more big on "what's new" than Americans are. Do you guys know that there is a "bug" in the game where, on the first level, if you save the left bottom corner bee for last, wait until it runs out of bombs (usually 15 minutes or so) then kill it, then none of the bees will use bombs for the rest of the game?

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    Re: How about Galaga?

    An awesome game... I think this is perhaps my favourite of all time. Absolute cracking game.
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    Re: How about Galaga?

    Galaga reminds me of a old-school version of Ikaruga

    [ame=""]YouTube - Ikaruga Chapter 1 - "Ideal"[/ame]

    And Gradius:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Gradius V Boss Rush Part 1[/ame][ame=""][/ame]
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