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Thread: Student Demos

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    Student Demos

    For those outside the UK, let me update you.....
    There's a big hoohaa about student funding for all college and uni in the UK. The students are up in arms, the LibDems promised much before the election, and now they are in a coilition government, they seem to be back peddling. Well of course there's more to it than that, but you get the idea.

    Anyway, demos in London about this have had the police in riot gear getting hard-ons at the thought of some aggression.

    They penned in (kettled(?)) a load of students for hours preventing them to go anywhere, and eventually the inevitable happened, and some kicked off. Who'd have thought?

    Now imagine if are you in a wheel chair, needing someone to operate said chair for you, and four burly coppers with trunchens come at you and drag you from your chair.

    Then imagine the BBC assuming the police can do no wrong.

    Now read the blog below, written far better than I ever could, and enjoy the video link in it, as the BBC interviews said man in wheel chair.

    The BBC And The Police - Botherer


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    Re: Student Demos

    The BBC and the state are in bed together... of course they'll defend the state's bully bois.
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