Here it is!
Restraining order powers to protect victims of domestic violence | Home Office
However, the minister has not mention the gender of the rersearch. It is left to the public to assume that all violence come from men as it is inferred in the launching of the cross-government violence against women and girls Strategy.

Where's the strategy to protect men and children from violent women?

Nowhere to be seen.

Lord West said, 'Domestic violence is a devastating crime which impacts across all communities.
'We continue to make good progress in tackling this hateful crime and conviction rates are improving – 72% of cases charged and brought to court at the end of 2008/09 resulted in a conviction compared with 60% four years ago.
'The additional powers announced today will also help victims in need of immediate protection and spare them the need to take separate civil action.
'But there is still more to be done and I look forward to the launch of the cross-government violence against women and girls Strategy in November and further measures to help victims and prevent violence.'

Blatant Misandry from a duped government officials!