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    Oz wags an expensive female finger

    This takes the cake.

    I know Oz is a fairly wealthy country, built as it is on the backs of shepherds and miners (every one a male), but this profligate waste is astounding.

    And it is not being spent on Oz people, but just on and by one to wag the well filed and shaped and coloured fingernail at people in other nations.

    No doubt she will spend some of the budget on a travelling manicurist.

    The new diplomat for women and girls has been given the job of stamping out domestic violence among Pacific Islanders.

    No, not here in Australia. In the Pacific. And she's got a budget of nearly $100 million to do just that part of her job.

    But the truth is that Australia now has the world's first "global" ambassador for women and girls. She will have access to a $96.4 million budget "to prevent violence against women in the Pacific region and support the victims of violence."

    The new ambassador, Tasmanian Penny Williams, immediately joined Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd's caravan taking Australia's views on gender to an international audience.

    "The high-flying minister has now eclipsed his global counterparts, including US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as among the world's most travelled foreign ministers," Melbourne's Herald-Sun reported.

    "Mr Rudd travels with an entourage of up to three advisers and staff, enjoys first and business class flights, and luxury and presidential hotel suites costing up to $2700 a night."

    Now he'll have another person to keep him company on those long trips. There are many questions that need to be asked about this new approach to our international diplomacy, which Status of Women Minister Kate Ellis took strange delight in admitting was unique.

    "There are only a handful of positions like this in the world and we are the first to place a particular focus on the experience of girls," she said. "The creation of this role brings Australia to the forefront in international advocacy for women and girls."

    This appears to be a sign of a country that has become too affluent for its own good, led by a group of politicians who are blindly self-indulgent about their own niche ideologies.
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    Re: Oz wags an expensive female finger


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    Re: Oz wags an expensive female finger

    But the truth is that Australia now has the world's first "global" ambassador for women and girls. She will have access to a $96.4 million budget "to prevent violence against women in the Pacific region and support some of the victims of violence."
    There, I fixed their line for them.
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    Re: Oz wags an expensive female finger

    Have the Australian government been invited or just imposing themselves in true imperialist fashion?

    As always, ideology is part of the domestic violence package that femi-nazi tyrants like Gillard are keen to export, and Pacific Islanders, viewed as cultural savages, can expect the same pompous zealotry as dealt by missionaries centuries before.
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    Re: Oz wags an expensive female finger

    what a waste of resources
    Never pass up the opportunity to shut up. A smart man knows what to say.
    A wise man knows if he should say it or not

    I should heed this good advice sometimes


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