Open Question: Is a president required to execute the law of the land?

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The President must incorporate many principles into the execution of his office. He must have a working familiarity with the laws of nature and the principles of the Declaration of Independence. He must understand the relationship between them and the Constitution. As he executes the law, the President must consciously seek to maintain and protect equality and the people's unalienable rights. He must not exercise any power not constitutionally granted by the people to the office of the President. Likewise he may not expand or contract his power because of his religious principles, nor may he permit their dissolution by any other branch or popular sentiment. These are minimal prerequisites for a constitutional Presidency. III. LEGITIMATE EXERCISE OF POWER A. Executive Power Executive or presidential power is tied to the word "execute," that is, the wielding of power under the rule of law in order to enforce the law. Three principles describe the nature or purpose of executive power. First, the executive has no power to promulgate rules or judge cases. In other words, executive power is not legislative or judicial power. It is not the power to make law or change law. Second, the executive power is primarily active, not passive. That is, the executive does not wait for someone to come and request enforcement of a law. This is contrasted to judicial power which is passive or responsive in nature. The judiciary has no power to seek out a case or controversy, but must wait for one to come to it. The executive, on the other hand, need not wait but may seize the initiative. Third, executive power involves a discretionary element. The executive has some lawful discretion concerning if, when, and how certain executive powers are to be employed. is the current President making law himself by not faithfully upholding the constitution where as a bill legally approved by Congress and legally signed into Law by contracting the power to enforce a law of the land unconstitional by WHO the POTUS has no jurdicary ruling ability per the constitution ((he may not expand or """contract""" his power because of his religious principles, nor may he permit their dissolution by any other branch or popular sentiment)