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    No lectures on human rights, says chinese premier.

    Nicely put it by the Chinese premier!!!

    I do not see how the prime minister D. Cameron can demand an explanation on Human Rights to a foreign premier when over here, in his own patch and wacht, fathers and men in general are denied their human rights on a daily basis.

    But then, the conservatives hallmark ON HUMAN RIGHTS always is "BLAME WHAT THEY DO, NOT WHAT WE DO",

    Hardly surprising the chinese premier does feel offended over this "finger pointing" exercise because it looks good "back at the ranch".

    Before lecturing anyone else on Human Rights, the prime minister should put his Human Rights violations record in order at home, instead of telling anyone else "YOU SHOULD BE DOING BETTER" in a highly critical remark. Not least the bombing of civilians by nato planes.

    Don't lecture China about human rights, premier warns Cameron - UK Politics, UK - The Independent

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    Re: No lectures on human rights, says chinese premier.

    Why just the PM? why just the tories? Such an approach is a typical western one - it wouldbe the same if labour were in power.

    Douglas, welcome to the world of statecraft. Here, democracy is a means to an end - it is not the end itself! Hypocracy is also a specifcally British trait (while the Amercian specialise in infight among themselves !)
    The greatest enemy of the truth is very often not the deliberate lie - but the persistent, persuasive and unrealistic myth that the lie creates


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