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Thread: The Nanny State

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    The Nanny State

    A real beaut from the Raccoon Inn.

    If the State is Nanny, then who exactly is she?

    We’re all used to the term ‘Nanny State’ being applied to the way in which those who govern us attempt to run our daily lives, either out of loving (m)aternalism or irritating ‘I know best’ interference, depending on your perspective.

    Strangler of genius, stifler of initiative, bully and control freak par excellence who manages to consume the whole cake with no difficulty whatsoever. I am of course referring to the gruesome and rather intimidating Miss Trunchbull from Matilda, who is brought to life by this brilliant tribute.

    How about “Harridan State“, although I would prefer the term “Psychotic, Bunny-boiling Harridan State“.

    Kathy Bates character represents the deluded state imposing its mad, ruinous schemes on us whilst claiming to love us. cs_poster)(160410165838)attrazione_fatale_1.jpg
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    Re: The Nanny State

    Frightening in it's simplicity. The cure can be just as horrible as well. I don't see an easy end to it.
    The Four Standards of Excellence are here:
    The Steps to War Part III


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