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    Aussie Superwoman grounded

    "Women's businesses' or Women-run businesses with all the misandric hype, are ripe for inspection.

    Why would anyone want to? Easy. Investors want a return.

    Superwoman fails to fly
    October 1, 2010

    Hickie is believed to be interested in the Superwoman name.

    AUTHOR Kathy Lette and comedian-cum-psychoanalyst Pamela Stephenson-Connolly, talented as they are, were apparently just not super enough as directors to get the listed Superwoman Group to work for investors.

    As a result Lette's brother-in-law, Graeme Robertson, has taken control of the not-quite-broke company that was aimed at tapping into the market for female financial emancipation. He is trying to recoup some of the $5 million he and others in the Robertson family invested in Superwoman in late 2008.

    Given that Superwoman is on ''life support'', and had to place more than 200 million shares last month to raise a measly $100,000 - in other words, pricing the shares at a tiny 0.04 each - most of the Robertson family's investment is gone.

    This week, Superwoman, a financial advisory concept targeted at women, even lost its name when it settled a legal action from the company that actually owned the name and associated trademarks.

    It also had to take down its website, leaving it reliant on drip-feeds of cash from two groups - Kim Cannon's Brisbane-based mortgage broker FirstMac, and financial adviser Justin Beeton's JB Global.

    A third player in the mix is the entrepreneurial Melbourne-based investor David Hickie, who specialises in picking up corporate shells like Superwoman, and recently filed a substantial shareholding notice claiming he owned 11 per cent of it.

    Superwoman has refused to register the transfer, acting on advice from Computershare, and Hickie is believed to be considering calling a meeting to try to roll the board.

    The shares that Hickie says are his are currently registered in the name of Wm Jackers Pty Ltd, a company controlled by Superwoman's former executive chairman, Colin Grant. Superwoman announced this week it was taking legal action against Grant, alleging breach of financial duties, and another of his companies, claiming that land in its name belonged to Superwoman because it was funded by a loan from the group.

    Grant and former chief executive David Ross were the two men who brought the Superwoman concept to what was the listed motivational speaking group Empowernet International in 2008.

    According to documents filed with the stock exchange at the time, Graeme Robertson's Intrasia Capital and a Robertson family company, Farjoy, were already shareholders in Grant and Ross's Superwoman Financial Solutions, which was going to be merged into Empowernet.

    Lette's husband, the famously hypothetical barrister Geoffrey Robertson, was once a shareholder in Farjoy, but got out long before the Superwoman deals, leaving it to other members of the family.

    SFS had apparently ''leased'' the right to certain uses of the trademark from Superwoman Pty Ltd, the company that developed the concept, originally in partnership with a member of the ING banking group.

    Instead of merging SFS with Empowernet, Grant and Ross effectively ''sublet'' the Superwoman name to the listed company, raising $12 million in a placement to Graeme Robertson's Intrasia Capital and others, as well as through a rights issue to existing shareholders.

    The money was to fund development of the Superwoman business, and shuffle out the old Empowernet activities to former chief Michael Burnett.

    Lette and Stephenson-Connolly were brought on board, along with the former head of UBS's private wealth business, Anna McCreery, as women of substance to give the company some oomph. Coincidentally, Stephenson-Connolly's other half, comedian Billy, has long been seen as the face of ING in television ads.

    The celebrity board abandoned ship on March 5 - precisely a week after Superwoman Group had posted another thumping loss, of almost $3 million for the December half-year. Most of the money from the capital raising a year earlier had been spent, to no obvious gain for investors.

    Grant was replaced as chairman but remained on the board until May when he and Ross both left.

    Superwoman lost almost $6 million in the full year, according to the current management group, and blamed it on ''poor management of the senior management during the year''.

    Superwoman chewed its way through several directors since the celebrities left, with the board this week consisting of Graeme Robertson as chairman, fellow Intrasia director Jonathan Warrand, and two representatives from FirstMac - founder Kim Cannon and executive director Rod Minell. Minell is acting as managing director of Superwoman and a third FirstMac executive, Kevin Kehoe, is acting company secretary.

    Superwoman, which has until the end of the year to find a new name and source of income, is looking at three acquisitions - one of which is Beeton's financial advisory operation.

    It is believed FirstMac looked at using Superwoman as a way to convert to being listed, but that is not its first preference.

    Hickie is believed to be interested in the Superwoman name, and the client list that it still owns but was been generated from its activities in running motivational speaking events.

    He is believed to have lined up several women to serve as directors and executives if he gains control, and there are rumours he has somehow managed to get support of almost half the votes.

    Burnett, who now owns the Empowernet name, this month ran one of the ''Ultimate Success Summit'' motivational events in Sydney, featuring Anthony Robbins, Richard Branson, Mark Bouris and Siimon Reynolds.

    Tickets were about $1500, and some of the events Empowernet used to run with Robbins could cost up to $5000 - so getting hands on Superwoman's database of about 80,000 Australians who can afford to spend that type of money is an attractive asset for anyone in financial advice.

    Minell says Superwoman already rents access to the client list to generate income, and the company retains some Australian financial services licences that have value, but only if they have a ''responsible person'' attached.

    Hypothetically speaking, Superwoman Group plans a shareholder meeting for November to approve its next corporate evolution.

    Source: The Age
    To be scupulously fair here, the day to day running, management and Direction was in the hands of men, but the principle stands. The mangina attitude that women are somehow 'deserving' or 'superior' or have a priority of need is not good enough. Performance is what counts.
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    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against Principalities, against Powers,
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    Re: Aussie Superwoman grounded

    So much for women and bussine, the only bussise that a women will ever out perform a man and make a fist full of money is in the more erotic bussines from centerfolds to street walkers or so it would seem.
    When the femanazis tell me it's their way or the highway I tell them to fuck off and die, because at lest the highway leads to new and intresting places, their ways is a dead end.

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    Re: Aussie Superwoman grounded

    Quote Quote from Kargan3033 View Post
    So much for women and bussine, the only bussise that a women will ever out perform a man and make a fist full of money is in the more erotic bussines from centerfolds to street walkers or so it would seem.
    Or those that have copyright and royalties,such as music,film and such like,or selling shit to other women or children.

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    Re: Aussie Superwoman grounded

    Ah yes, superwoman. The usual, no strength, no talent and definitely no sex appeal..

    But the manginas continue..

    Must be looking forward to having all those women on "board" just to exclaim how women are being so maligned, so mistreated and demonstratively, so boring..

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    Re: Aussie Superwoman grounded

    ""AUTHOR Kathy Lette and comedian-cum-psychoanalyst Pamela Stephenson-Connolly, talented as they are,""

    haaa but are they hahahahh


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