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  • 22nd-April-2011

    Re: Lesbian wins $22,500 over comedian's insults

    The guy is an arsehole.
    Let's be clear here, he is not insulting lesbians as part of his routine, which would be perfectly acceptable, he is insulting individual lesbians in the crowd because they apparently heckled. Now heckling opens you up to verbal abuse from the comic, but in a funny way, not just straight out insults that are not even funny.
    Try this shit with Jack Dee and he would make the audience laugh at you.

    I have nothing against the use of the 'C' word, it's the way he handled it, shouting abuse and breaking her sunglasses, come on, that's not the actions of a clever comedian, it's the actions of a spoilt child not getting his way.

    The headline made me think it was a freedom of expression issue, but it's not, the guy is a knob-end.
  • 22nd-April-2011
    Nynrah Ghost

    Re: Lesbian wins $22,500 over comedian's insults

    Regardless of what has been said, a sum of $22.500 is ridiculous for insults.
  • 22nd-April-2011

    Re: Lesbian wins $22,500 over comedian's insults

    including referring to them as 'f--king c--ts,' 'stupid c--ts,' 'stupid dykes' and 'f--king dyke c--ts,'"
    I cannot see any justification for that sort of language in public, especially to people who are paying to be there. He is fortunate just to get a glass of water thrown at him. If he tried to say that sort of thing to a man he just might have had the glass shoved in his face.

    I wonder if his 'comic' jokes were just as crude and nasty.
  • 22nd-April-2011

    Lesbian wins $22,500 over comedian's insults

    A Toronto comic and a Vancouver restaurant owner have been ordered to pay a lesbian patron $22,500 in compensation over a tirade of insults, after the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal dismissed the comic's claim that his words were an appropriate response to a heckler.

    Lesbian wins $22,500 over comedian's insults - British Columbia - CBC News

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