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  • 5th-July-2010

    Re: Can't respond to articles? Read here...

    This has been fixed. Members can now review articles again within the standard forum as well as within the articles zone.
  • 5th-July-2010

    Re: Can't respond to articles? Read here...

    As I said above, Percy... Use the article page directly and you will see and be able to respond to articles. This is a forum issue that I am not yet able to resolve.
  • 5th-July-2010

    Re: Can't respond to articles? Read here...

    The only articles that this happens to me are 'you know who's'.

    It is like going to a banquet and being told I can't have access to the shit sandwiches.
  • 5th-July-2010

    Can't respond to articles? Read here...

    Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug in the software which is restricting use of the forum's ability to reproduce the article comments. This means when a member (or guest) tries to review an updated thread from an article, they are greeted with an error message stating they do not have permission to view that area of the forum.

    This is a bug, and will be ironed out shortly.

    The work around? That is easy. Instead of trying to access the page from the forum, go directly to the articles section and click on the article you seek to respond to. You CAN read all the comments and post replies to articles from within the article section of the site. This is a forum bug, not an article bug.

    So please, just use the articles area and you will can use it as normal to respond and discuss.

    antimisandry.com - Articles

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