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    "Leyenda" by Albeniz -- flawless performance

    One of the most difficult songs to play on the classical guitar is "Leyenda," written by Albeniz. Even the most gifted guitar virtuosos have difficulty with this song. The listener can easily tell if the musician is playing the song with or without flaws because the expectation of the tempo is set right at the beginning. Those who have trouble with this song -- and most do -- crack when the key moment arrives and they have to make that STRUM sound in the midst of all the fancy finger work. If the song is played less than perfectly, even an amateur ear will notice a distinct delay just before these essential strums. But if the song is played right, you don't notice a delay. I don't have to tell you that this is very, very, very difficult to pull off without slowing down.

    And yet this woman does it: Ana Vidovic. WOW. Flawless... absolutely flawless. What an inspiring performance by a truly talented and gifted musician.

    For a basis of comparison, do a YouTube search for "Leyenda" and watch the other musicians fall all over themselves trying to pull off playing this song properly. The fact that even a master will have trouble makes me respect this woman even more.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Ana Vidovic[/ame]

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    Re: "Leyenda" by Albeniz -- flawless performance

    Absolutely Beautiful!

    Thank you John... I needed that.

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    Re: "Leyenda" by Albeniz -- flawless performance


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    Re: "Leyenda" by Albeniz -- flawless performance

    this guitarist doesn't have a future in Macdonalds


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