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    Burn After Reading

    Has anyone else seen Burn After Reading starring Brad Pitt, George Clooney and John Malcovich? I finally watched it (online) and, though I enjoyed it, I was struck by a couple of misandristic elements. I am not saying that the Coen brothers are promoting misandry in the film. There just happen to be some elements in the movie that reflect the existance of misandry in life.

    The movie itself was humorous and quirky. The basic theme is a tragicomedy approach to relationships and affairs. John and George are married to professional women who are cheating on them and file for divorce. George happens to be cheating on his wife too. John's wife is upset due to his "quitting" his job and sees a divorce attorney who advises her to take his money and throw him out of the house even though she is a physician and should be able to support herself.

    The real tragedy occurs when another woman (Tilda Swinton?) who works with Brad Pitt as a physical trainer at a gym finds that her middle-aged body isn't good enough and wants all sorts of plastic surgery that she cannot afford. She convinces the men in her life to rescue her, the "damsel in distress", and try to help her get the money she needs to have her tummy tucked and her bum tightened. What ensues in madness, mayhem, violence and death (for men only, of course). I'm not criticizing the movie. I enjoyed it. When the movie ended, I was just struck by the chaos that errupted in all of these lives because a couple of professional women wanted to destroy their husbands through divorce and another wanted to have a better body.
    The death of women in childbirth hurts the men they leave behind more than the women who die.

    Domestic Violence isn't funny...unless men are the victims.

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    Re: Burn After Reading

    I will give it a try,anyway does Clooney still sleep with that pot bellied pig,i can understand that,i have had the odd pig that i awoke too.


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