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    Does circumcision cause erectile dysfunction?

    Written by Dr. Gifford-Jones for The Toronto Sun:

    Does circumcision cause erectile dysfunction?

    Why did my loving parents do this to me many years ago? I’m sure their doctor told them it was the hygienic thing to do. But I’m equally sure I must have been screaming like hell while it was being done. Today, millions of circumcisions are still performed. But it’s time to stop this shocking brutality and the complications associated with it.

    Dr. Guy Madder, a surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide, Australia, reports in the Annals of Family Medicine that there is no convincing evidence that circumcision decreases the risk of sexually transmitted disease, urinary track infections or penile cancer.

    The rituals of some religious faiths require circumcision. But, apart from these circumstances, it’s hard to justify this procedure. In fact, a reading of the world’s medical journals makes your hair stand on end when you read of potential surgical complications.

    How common are complications? This depends on how you label a complication. For example, penal foreskin is anatomically the most sensitive part of the organ. It ensures satisfactory sex. It’s therefore reasonable to argue that in this instance the complication rate is 100% because it decreases sexual satisfaction.

    There’s another aspect to circumcision that is never mentioned in the discussion of the pros and cons of this surgery. Today, erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs are being used by an increasing number of males, and not all of them are in their senior years. I admit I have no statistics on this matter.

    But I wonder how many males who require ED drugs could have experienced a longer and more satisfactory sex life, if this sensitive foreskin had not been removed. I suspect more than we realize. This is a good project for some aspiring researcher!

    But why do some of the complications of this procedure make one’s hair stand on end? Harvey Cushing, one of Harvard’s greatest brain surgeons, once remarked that, “There is no such thing as minor surgery, but there are a lot of minor surgeons”. In this case, a profound remark.

    Compared to brain surgery, circumcision is a minor procedure, and is normally performed without complications. But, no surgical procedure to my knowledge has ever been devised, regardless of how minor it is, without possible untoward results.

    The world’s medical journals are full of reports dealing with a variety of surgical complications. And the vast majority of severe complications are not an act of God, but technical human errors made during the procedure.

    A primary problem is the incorrect use of the circumcision clamp. In some cases too much foreskin is pulled into the clamp resulting in injury, not only to the shaft of the penis, but also to the urinary tube (urethra) that runs through it. The most traumatic complication in the past caused the amputation of part of the penis.

    Such traumatic injuries to the penis and urethra often result in urinary stricture and difficulty passing urine. Or, the injury may result in a urethral fistula, in which urine is discharged through an abnormal opening. These complications are not easy to repair, and what starts out as a minor procedure, becomes a major one. Moreover, some of these injuries only become apparent following discharge from hospital. A fistula often takes weeks or months to make its presence known.

    There have been bizarre problems that one would never think of happening. For instance, one newborn screamed during the procedure with such intensity that the stomach ruptured requiring emergency surgery. Another developed heart failure and died. Still another from a bleeding disorder. It’s easy to see how this could happen since coagulation studies are not routinely done prior to circumcision.

    Why wouldn’t babies scream like hell when circumcised without anesthesia? And how many males who have it done later in life would agree to this procedure without anesthesia?

    Today we criticize those cultures that believe in the barbaric act of female circumcision. Yet Western doctors continue to carry out this sadistic procedure in males without their permission. That’s why some argue that circumcision violates the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Amen to that.
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    Re: circumcision causes erectile dysfunction ED

    Erectile dysfunction has a medical (clinical) meaning and a popular meaning. As used by lay people, any difficulty with erections is considered ED. When I reached my mid-40s, I found that I was starting to have trouble with sex. It was more and more difficult to get off. Sex was lasting longer before I could ejaculate. By the time I hit my 50s, I had trouble keeping an erection during vaginal sex. Masturbation was fine, but sex did not give me enough stimulation to keep me erect.

    After doing some research, I read about others who were circumcised and had similar sex problems. I was circumcised as an infant. I began restoring my foreskin at 52. Within months my sexual performance got better and my sexual satisfaction increased. After about 8 months of restoring I started having whole body orgasms - my whole body would get tingly and I would collapse after my orgasm. I never experienced this before. With my restored foreskin I am enjoying sex like never before. My wife loves my restored foreskin, too. We don't need to use lube anymore and she does not get sore after sex.

    Bottom line is that circumcision can cause erectile problems and foreskin restoration can correct them. But, it would have been better if I had never been circumcised as an infant.

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    Re: Does circumcision cause erectile dysfunction?

    I am experiencing Erectile Dysfunction despite having my foreskin restored 5 years ago. I can still get erections from time to time, but they aren't hard enough for vaginal intercourse most of the time. What else can I do to get results? I have been looking at several penis pumps, but am unsure if this would help. Has anyone else had any experience with pumps? If so, please advise me on which type of pump to get. Alternate methods and advice is welcome too, I am open to new ideas.


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