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    I can add a poll to your thread Asexualization of Asian Men in Media, if you tell me the options you want.
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    I've been doing well, man, been strategizing.
  3. Thanks!
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    hey bud
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    thanks for the rep, that was nice of you ;-)
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    No hard feelings at all, Meadester. It didn't go in the direction I had intended....but that's how it goes on forums and there's no need at all for apologies. Thank you for your consideration, though.
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    I'm learning of new opportunities but it's hard.
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    I owe you an apology. Sorry! I take it all back. Big mistake!
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    We have a help forum for that kinda problem
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    Here is the link to the blog that I got it from:
    It was linked off of and thats how I found it. I loved it the moment I first saw it and just had to make it mine :-)
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    business opportunities, most are scams...
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    Doing well, trying to figure things out.
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    how you doing, man?
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    I feel like that man.. Dont ask me why!! I dont have any logically explanation for it!!
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    how's it going?
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    It's automatic bud! Thanks! I'll amend your msg to my profile, to remove your private email though.
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    You are welcome. You give reps by clicking on the little scale above one post.
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    You doing well, my friend?
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    Your post was drawn to my attention by yourself (as it needed approving).. though, as it was in the approval list, it would've come to me (or another admin) sooner or later.

    OHSO's posts are well beyond that stage, so we don't have our attention drawn to something unless we happen to spot it directly in passing - or, someone else brings our attention to it, for example, by using the 'report post' function.
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    Please read the FAQ. It will answer your questions.

    For example, it mentions about avoiding personal attacks - such as calling someone gay in order to provoke them...

    It also mentions that posts by new members are automatically suppressed (moderated) until an admin has checked the post (this marginalizes the spam).
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    I dont know. I did not moderate it. (though I am a mod there) I can only guess.. Better that you speak to marx about it for an explanation..
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    How's it going?
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" is clear that anti-male bigotry is a widespread and dangerous virulent phenomenon. If Andrea Dworkin, Catherine Mackinnon, Mary Daly and their online groupies ... are not enough to convince you consider Valerie Solanas." - my words from my blog -

“Someone who agrees with you 80 per cent of the time is a friend and ally, not a 20 per cent traitor.” - Ronald Reagan

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