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    i thought you were going to disappear for a while. Miss us already?
  2. Just because I defend myself as a woman, doesn't mean I am a feminist.

    You think everyone that defends themselves is a feminist.

    Just because I am against feminism, doesn't mean I am also going to allow someone to be rude to me.
  3. I don't know why you are upset or are attacking me. I was just answering the question you asked. I don't know the standards of mrm yet, so I was just going against feminism and misandry in my own way.

    I know that you feel that I am being too enthusiastic but other causes are important to me too I am not just an MRA but someone who is against people being wronged by others. I didn't know that made me a feminist. I just thought that was being egalitarian and helping others.

    I am young and don't know everything, I just go by what I know and have learned already.
  4. Please send me a private email address, if you don't mind.

  5. If you ever want some more exposure for your activism efforts, please let me know.
  6. You know, I like the people I write for (most of them, lol). I don't know if the mainstream will ever take to it. I have enough rejection slips to prove the point for now. One thing for sure, I will never quit doing this. As always, thanks for your support.
  7. Thanks for the welcome back! Glad to be here.
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    An you see that boy had no other choice so he did what he had to do.
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    Have you been to the thread in chit chat titled "Here's another reason why feminism must die"?
  10. I suppose you are right, every misogynistic comment isn't worthy of a response and I should ignore the lot of them. It's just not in my nature to do that easily! It's not just misogyny that annoys. I have issues with those who take issue with others' race, ethnicity, political, and sexual orientation. There is one poster here right now who I'm trying to restrain myself from tearing into and she's a she. You have a good point about not jabbing or poking the wounded. It's hard to tell who is wounded, though, and who is just obnoxious. There is a difference, and it's hard to make the assessment on an internet medium. Also, I see my job here as to bring balance...that means playing devil's advocate...and that's going to mean people are going to get riled. However, how much real growth (I'm talking about more than numbers here) can a group accomplish when no one challenges their core beliefs or their methods of operation?
  11. I'm sorry I offended you so much.
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    I wonder how loud that moron is gonna screech from the last comment I left on the "Where's the balance" thread.
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    You and I both know why the crybaby started that thread.
  14. ok, no worries!
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    Yes m8, just been reading it a moment back... but it's too early in the morning for me to fully understand and act on just yet... Once I've slept - I'll get back on it
  16. Meow!
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    Ahh - I thought perhaps it was a date!
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    So do share... what's the 10/6 on about then?
  19. Hehe I got my balls, don't worry.
  20. It just seems like you want to have "the last word" in a lot of threads such at the advice corner section.
  21. Please don't make consecutive posts in a thread. Meaning two seperate posts after each other. Try to put it all in one post. Also you don't need to have the last word with everything you know.
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    Certainly, you still have my number?
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    Thanks for buttering me up, Andy...

    Now, an off-topic question - have you got any further with your website idea we were looking at?
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    Aye, well you say that, yet you were at Uni, were you not? I'd say you found your brains long before I had mine. Nonetheless, papers only want those with degrees coming out of their backpassage to do their columns. And that ain't me.
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    Unfortunately, I was crap at English in school and only actually made an effort once I went to college at 21. I doubt any newspaper would take interest in such an idea, good plan as it is.
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    im a big girl, i can take it! 8 inches, 8 sminches!
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    this is developing into a very lewd conversation!
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    let me know as soon as you're ready, and we'll get that domain sorted...
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    'ello 'ello 'ello.. whats all this then?
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    Did you conclude on a domain name yet?
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Interesting concept I have had..

by haahoo on 13th-November-2008 at 08:56 AM
I was thinking recently of how different things would be if..

Men did not have to ask the government for a court order and permission to see their kids following relationship breakup and mothers denying access..

Imagine this..

The law is changed to the effect that..

Parents are given the right (as is natural) to spend as much time as they wish with their kids.

Anyone who seeks to prevent this, by any means, has no right to do so..

A father will no longer be arrested for attempting to visit his kids..

A mother, or anyone else, who interferes with a father visiting his kids, shall have to explain herself to the satisfaction of firstly the father (and that should be enough) and secondly should the father not accept her excuse, to the police who will immediately arrest her until she presents a good reason for her denial of her childs paternal influence..

I think this system would work VERY NICELY!!

It would also put a lot of lawyers and state sector parasites out of work..:)
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