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    I am sorry I may have missed your arrival here. Welcome. And thank you for the post you wrote on homosexuals in the workplace.
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Almost 40. Midlife crisis. Yada yada. I read a copy of IRON JOHN 4 years ago after leaving the love of my life, and for the first time in my life, I felt like a man. And feeling like a man didn't fill me with the shame and dread my man-hating mother had drummed into me my whole life. Bly woke me up, and unfortunately I didn't like what I saw on the tv, in movies and the media, or for that matter, coming out of the mouths of the women I was dating. I still don't, and so live alone by choice. The rot of Feminism has driven me to despair and drink over the years. I study the topic of Misandry now, and have an extensive library of books on the topic. Every now and then, I force myself to step away from the negative world of women gone rotten. I collect tarantulas and caring for them gives me great joy, and reminds me that there is beauty and wonder in the world beyond the rot of humanity.
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South Africa
Books. Marksmanship. Tarantulas. Food.


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It s Women Lib Thing, methinks...

by gloost on 30th-August-2013 at 01:08 PM

Convicted child sex offender Cezanne (ADVOCATE BARBIE) Visser gets early parole, and walks out of prison to various job offers...with the blessing of correctional services deputy comminsioner James Smallberger.

This convicted fraudster and paedophile has been given a proverbial ‘slap on the wrist’ because she is female. She was studying to an advocate, which implies not only above average intelligence, but also assumes some level of moral integrity. I mean, surely such a person can be expected to have the capacity to tell right from wrong? Yet Visser and her supporters blame everything on Prinsloo, as though he turned her into a mindless drone who could not figure out that child molestation is kind of ‘iffy’ and, as it turns out, a bit illegal. Women’s Organisations are fond of using the slogan ‘RAPE IS RAPE’, implying that if a ‘victim’ says it is rape, it is, irrespective of the circumstances, counterclaims or evidence to the contrary. A bit puzzling really, as Visser’s release implies that maybe rape isn’t rape, and paedophilia not paedophilia, when it means a woman having to face the consequences of her own perverse predilections. Society also labours under the false assumption that female paedos are an anomaly. It seems counter-intuitive to think of women as active and enthusiastic child sex offenders, and yet, Visser is not alone. As a random sample, look at this rather glib and sinister list of teachers convicted of sex with children, or do your own research >>>

Oh well, another paedo-child-rapist back on the street. Well done South Africa...another day, another double standard.
Political Issues

Good man project?

by gloost on 26th-August-2013 at 03:54 PM
I am unsubscribing from the man-gina factory slash feminist front that is GOOD MEN PROJECT. GOOD MEN? Even the title is insulting. Good men according to whom? Who measures what a good man is? On what scale? Is a good man like a good dog, a pet who must learn its place and do what its told or suffer the indignity of assault with daily newspaper? And calling it a PROJECT...implying that men are so worthless, retarded and innately evil, that we need a project to make us all 'good'? Good for whom? The ungrateful sloths demanding 'equality'….(read special privilege at the expense of others, cloaked in doublespeak). It’s nothing more than teenage angst and juvenile impetuousness morphed into a toxic, malevolent, morally bankrupt hate movement and I don’t know why men don’t just stand up and call it out.
Stop tolerating it.
Stop it.
STOP agreeing with these people. There is nothing wrong with being male. We do not need fixing. We do not need to quaff down buckets of neuroses, or wallow in the quivering, fear fuelled paranoia and passive aggressive rage at everything and everyone that does not do as they demand or live up to warped expectations.
Stop being a slave. Stop paying with your dignity,sacrificing your peace of mind and poisoning your body and mind in exchange for the ‘privilege’ of being the world’s whipping boys. Stop living your life on your knees apologizing for having a cock.
And STOP supporting the weak-kneed wimps who collaborate with the anti-male propaganda machine. The only earth the meek will inherit will fill the hole they are buried in when they ignominiously shed the mortal coil.

Updated 26th-August-2013 at 08:12 PM by gloost


I am a man named Chelsea and this is a poem called "My vagina".

by gloost on 25th-August-2013 at 06:19 PM
In response to a woman's letter to her son about sex>>>
Oh good lord, it doesnt want to embarrass it's child by discussing the facts of life face to face, and chooses the far less humiliating method of lecturing him in a PUBLIC FORUM, as though he were a student in a lecture room. We all know the value of well meaning politicians, but being a parent, I think its a bit cynical to use a child as a political experiment. You achieve nothing by injecting a fresh soul with guilt and shame filled dross, teaching him to be suspicious of his masculine essence, wracking him with paranoia and fear about every thought, feeling and action or trying to define his identity in terms of women's expectations instead of finding his own way as an individual and a man?
Its also a bit inappropriate to project existential angst onto a boy who is neither responsible nor accountable to you for your fears or failings or feelings about being female. It's incestuous, and sinister , and dangerously narcissistic.
Also, you are a woman and know nothing about being male. You know nothing about being a boy aspiring to be a man and you clearly have no empathy for his sexual journey if all you can offer is prescriptions and prohibitions based on your perspective as a woman. As much as gender might be a social construct, sex is not. We are not a homogeny, otherwise what is the point of sexual dimorphism?

As for women, sex and porn, your claim to be one of a few women who was never hurt by sex. That kind of statement is fresh out of the McKinnon 'sexual intercourse equals sexual assault' playbook. It reflects a vindictive, morally bankrupt, self righteous mindset that plagues the gender studies departments of most contemporary institutions of higher education, or higher indoctrination, as the abundance of evidence of misandry suggests.
Sex is porn? I have

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Slut-shaming teen sexuality and the danger of BUZZWORDS

by gloost on 12th-July-2013 at 12:10 PM
In response to:- - You seem to think that 'teenagers' are simply responding to what they're told by some evil behind the scene malevolence, that they are helpless little robot rabbits in the headlights of the great machine of patriarchy. But have you considered that they are making the decision to do what feels good to them, spontaneously express their pride and joy in their developing bodies? It's not a political statement to put on a bikini and pose on a Facebook page with a 3 point pout. They are the agents of their own hormones, emotions and drives. They aren't activated by 'inappropriate' attention...what they do encourages attention, demands attention, and when it gets attention, why complain? Why turn it into some great slut-saga? Slutty behavior - bolshy, in your face, indecent, crass, aggressive and inappropriate behavior is nothing to celebrate and equating it with healthy teenage sexuality is dangerously misguided. The world of sex is fraught with risk, reward, ecstasy and agony. It brings us moments of peace, clarity and purest joy; as well as hours of angst and sometimes, deepest despair. Why treat it as a problem with some deeper darker root, some hidden history, some sinister significance or political back-story? Let the young folk be. They don't need our paranoia and insecurities souring the sticky sweet and sensuous soup that is Youth's unrestrained joie-de-vivre. They don't care about about the politics of sexuality. Give the youth affection and care, guidance and discipline. They need these yin/yang aspects of love in order to develop into well rounded, strong and tender souls. Teach them about the world as it is, not the world as you believe it to be, or as you're being told by the mass media machine, which is nothing more than a big dumb dog keeping us all up at night.

It is a sign of the times that adults spend a good part of their lives in a constant state of

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Satellite TV Provider proposes porn channel - "Porn = Rape" set wet their collective granny-panties

by gloost on 12th-July-2013 at 12:06 PM
In response to the 'RAPE-SURVIVOR' equating porn with rape.
Firstly, sex is not only something men do because they have penis-power issues. Women use sex as a power-tool to influence and manipulate men. Feminists (sexual trade unionists) use propaganda, intimidation, and manipulation of the legal system and academic institutions to extend the reach, power and scope of this primary source of female power. They use language to redefine everything into an offense against the holy feminine sensibility (oxymoron intended).
For example "rape" is turning into a meaningless buzzword; a cynical publicity stunt for attention-seekers and heroic 'survivors'...a twisted badge of honor in the so-called 'war-against-women' which elicits gasps and hand-wringing...some in sympathy or horror, some in rage or outrage, many from sheer exhaustion at being bombarded by messages that male sexuality is equal to rape-mentality and that all men are rapists.

As for porn. Porn is the last refuge of single men who are tired of having to sacrifice their values, friends, family and finances to self-indulgent, entitlement parasite princesses who live off decent men, with one mascara'ed eye permanently scanning for a service provider upgrade (new boyfriend or husband, preferably someone else's...broken in). These ego-bloated bovines expect men bow to their whims and avoid any consequences of their own actions by blaming any short-falls on men/abuse/rape/patriarchy/ insert name here________.

Where have all the "real women" gone? "Porno-land." Bring it on!!"
The next time you ask yourself where all the real men have gone. I can state with relative certainly, that this one GONE GALT.
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