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  1. Hello, I am trying to find the show Silversun. Any way you might help me? I have found almost no way of watching it online.
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    Looking into it now... Do a test/disposable one for me, to demonstrate the output, and don't edit it to fix anything - just let it show as it does to you.
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    CJ, I thought I'd just mention - all your blogs here are set private so only admins & mods can see them, while public & standard members can't..

    Is it set that way intentionally or not?
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    Thank-you Cj for you support. You are an amazing man and I for one, appreciate all that you.
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    The best part of all of this is that their hypocrisy is exposed for the world to see. It doesn't mean anything what these women say as long as their actions remind us otherwise.
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    Hey CJ, I hear it's your birthday... I hope it's a good un for you m8

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    Happy and fruitful New Year to you Christian, my good mate. I saw New Year in after seeing the first boat in from Sydney. Funny isn't it; my thesis many years ago was on 'Actions not as Planned' !! I had no intention of being here, but here I am.
  9. You don't post much, but when you do, you post a lot of really good stuff and I can't keep up giving you rep. lol
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    The NOMAS post. Very good!
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    LOL, I'd better step up my gain if I'm headed for sainthood

    Thanks, CJ.
  12. Christianj,

    I asked some of the other admins, and I'll ask you, too: is there any way to send this link out to all members here at AM who are from the U.S.? It's a worthy cause that really needs immediate support. And are there other sites you might be able to send the link to? Thanks!
  13. Not sure but did my last pm get through?
  14. I have corrected that oversight, welcome aboard bro..
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    All this time, and you being the only MRA that I know personally, and you being a first rate, Top chap, and I am not on your friends list ! Astonishing. Let's correct that oversight.
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Mumsnet :Promoting Hate, Bigotry and Bias..

by christianj on 20th-March-2012 at 02:37 AM
Mumsnet :Promoting Hate, Bigotry and Bias..

How similar is this to the Jezebel logo ? Same sexist doctrinal mentality at work..

I did spend some time last year perusing the "Mumsnet" site and was sickened by the malice and male hate stated on that site. The automatic vitriolic responses to my comment, even though very rational and unassuming, were responded to in ways that were totally unacceptable and were a direct assault on the site's policies, but were ignored. It was akin to the same vitriol and venom expressed on the RadFem Hub, just as sick and just as obnoxious and abusive. That feminastie site is definitely due for a shakeup and it is time that those sexist, male bashing sites started applying their own policies of fairness instead of fomenting hate and ignoring the obvious male bashing diatribe those haters have always indulged in..

Mumsnet on Facebook..

Mumsnet Site..

DSC Development and Hosting
Client Story: Mumsnet

Fathers 4 Justice Stage Naked Mumsnet Protest in Marks & Spencer Oxford Street

Like Matt States "Not a good sight"..
Members of Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) staged a naked protest in the flagship London branch of Marks & Spencer at Marble Arch, Oxford Street.
Group founder Matt O'Connor was arrested during the

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Fathers , Feminism

What Posesses a Man to Vote for a Woman..

by christianj on 21st-February-2012 at 05:29 AM
What Posesses a Man to Vote for a Woman..

This has always been a rather interesting phenomena to me. What possible advantage is there for any male to vote for a female in order to have her installed into office. Why do men sacrifice their vote to implant a member of the opposite sex into office just so she can ensure that his needs and requirements are totally ignored and only female entitlement is guaranteed on a far greater scale than it is right now..

Why would one install someone in office who has repeatedly demonstrated that when push comes to shove, she will side with her own sex and ensure that only the wishes and entitlements are ensured for her own sex only..

Surely, as we have witnessed this sufficiently over the years, women do not give a stuff about men. Whenever there is a choice to be made, when legislation calls for equal treatment or to pander to their own sex, they automatically vote for their own. That action has been demonstrated over and over again and has been glaringly obvious for decades. There is no automatic switch in the female brain that makes that change or makes it even a consideration. Female office holders have always and with regularity, demonstrated that they do not give a damn about our sex and are there solely to benefit their own..

So why the stupidity, why the ignorance and why the denial. Most men have a good and reasonable understanding about politics and have some inkling about what the candidate stands for. Takes some effort in checking the credentials and past attitudes and behavior of those candidates. Why is it that that same methodology is not used on female candidates. What possible motive does one have to vote a female into office knowing full well or is even guaranteed that

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Our "Canadian Natives and Friends" are under Attack From Feminists, Please Help..

by christianj on 30th-January-2012 at 09:53 PM
Rideau Canal Museum and Wood Mill at night, Smith Falls, Ontario..
With the ever increasing amount of people wanting to be counted and be involved in fighting the good fight against the feminasties, their lying ways and total dishonesty, we have another new brother in arms, who is patiently going where some fear to tread..

Over the years we have witnessed the procedures that feminists follow and the methodology they use to spread their poison. It would appear that no one is safe from that, not even smaller cities and towns, all which are open slather. Any place regardless of size will eventually bare the brunt of those messengers of hate and evil. If we can reduce their hate message and interference, then we have at least achieved something and it does all help..

Here is one such site and it relates to Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada. Not that far from the border of the US.

I would like you to have a look at his site, support it by becoming a follower or leave a comment and lets see if we can help him fight the scourge that he has been fighting as well as we all have, for years..
I have been under attack by the local radicals for a while, the more join the more i can scare them.
More information..

EMC Smiths falls, objectivity out the door, promoters of feminist untruths, radicalism and parental alienation.

This is a local post, for Lanark county and Smiths falls Ontario. In response to the Smiths falls EMC's refusal to publish the truth.
I have daughters and a grand daughter, by no means is this about women, it is about the destructive ideals of radical feminism and their

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Christian J & Joanna T. - A WoManifesto..

by christianj on 19th-January-2012 at 02:10 AM

A WoManifesto – New year’s resolution: Part 1:
What women want
Guest Author - Joanna T.
The Sanctuary.

I am at a huge disadvantage. I accepted a challenge for which I am ill-prepared.
Men NEVER listen to women about relationships. According to the grand dukes of the manosphere, they shouldn’t.
I agree.
But what if I told you I was a Red Pill woman? OK, not helping.
What if I told you that this post was commissioned by a man who specifically wanted a sympathetic woman’s point of view?
I feel a slight shift in resistance.
What if this post was heavily edited by this man to make sure any male-bashing nonsense was excluded?
Ah, now I have an audience.

I like men. Just because.
I am a woman. Given that I am not into self-hatred, I also like women. Especially those who like men.
So without further ado, allow me to proceed.
This post and the rest which follow in this series address the problem with no name. That which has seen a gulf the size of a small planet develop between the sexes.
Christian J had the brilliant idea to collaborate in an effort to address the issue in a hopefully lighthearted manner and see where that leads.

I have another problem.
I am doing this all wrong.
The first post should be one about ‘What women can offer men’.
I know. I know. Women these days are all about what they want, rather than what they should give.
I promise you, there is a good reason I am doing it this way.
In any war negotiation I imagine (now, it must be said: I have never been a negotiator for say, the UN, so my speculation is purely that - speculation) that the most efficient way forward is to allow each party a chance to be heard first. Once the cards are on the table, demands on each party can then proceed.

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