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    Update on the Keefe Case

    Here is the latest update on Sean Keefe here. He caved in to paying up to his unfaithful ex wife and her illegitimate kid. He did this because if he didn't his whole life would be ruined; he didn't have a choice. This is slavery pure and simple and there is nothing else to it. Both bills introduced to the WVA state legislature failed and that is real fucked up!

    July 1, 2011[/h]
    By JODY MURPHY ( , Parkersburg News and Sentinel

    WEST UNION -A Vienna man serving jail time for refusing to pay his ex-wife alimony has acquiesced.
    Caroline Keefe said her husband, Sean Keefe, was released from the North Central Regional Jail Thursday evening after agreeing to pay his ex-wife $15,000 in back alimony.

    "We had to pay," Caroline Keefe said. "We are going to pay, get him out and fight from here."

    Sean Keefe had spent the last 60 days in the North Central Regional Jail after refusing to pay his ex-wife's alimony.

    Two years after he divorced his ex-wife, a DNA test revealed he was not the father of the couple's youngest son. Regardless, Keefe was bound by state law. He was ordered to pay $1,300 a month in child support and $1,700 a month in alimony. Keefe agreed to pay the child support but refused to pay alimony.

    In May, he was sentenced to six months in jail by Wood County Family Court Judge Brian Dempster for owing his ex-wife about $27,000 in alimony.
    Caroline Keefe said her husband gave in to the alimony payment but will continue to fight for a change in state law.

    "How long can you wait," she asked. "It was a matter of losing your job. How far do you take it? Lose your job, your house, your car?"

    Late last week, the Keefes rejected an offer from to pay Keefe's alimony. Caroline Keefe said they were not interested due to the nature of the company. Ashley Madison is an online dating service and social network service marketed primarily to people who are already in a relationship.
    The offer from the cheating website is just bizarre too.
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    Re: Update on the Keefe Case

    His wife is right... the law uses the law to abuses men until they pay up for the cheating bimbo's choices & actions.

    Why do men have to keep paying out for women's actions?
    The most offensive thing you can do to a feminist is treat her with FULL equality.
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