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    A mess up of their own doing!!

    Not surprisingly, the numbers of kids who end up in the hands of cafcass, have doubled in the last four years. I will bet my last dime on that the highest percentage of those children come from single mothers who can't or won't cope with their own offspring.

    10,000 children taken into care: Numbers have doubled in the past four years | Mail Online

    'More children are being protected': But Anthony Douglas, chief executive of Cafcass, admitted social workers had 'panicked' after the Baby P case

    Read more: 10,000 children taken into care: Numbers have doubled in the past four years | Mail Online

    Mr big cafcass chief has admitted the panic pervading the system. However, is hard to see how he can reverse the demise of social cohesion when greater powers are at work doing the demolition work.
    The Prime Minister explained in one of his speeches that Britain's economy must not lag behind economies like e.g. Brasil. Very commendable!
    If he doesn't do something to stop the rot "PRONTO" the UK will end with "BRASILIAN STYLE FAVELAS", let alone overtake Brasil's economy.

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    Re: A mess up of their own doing!!

    the gynocracy hates nuclear families which clearly are being trashed year by year in the West;

    men ae represented as a hazard to his wife and children and like the drone in the bee hives he once having fertilised the queen hunted outta the hive as totally redundant

    I like that catch phrase taken into care -

    simply a euphemism for the state kidnapping the children of families they ideologically despise and barely tolerate;

    the social workers are the lower level commissars of the gynocracy that implements this ideology of nuclear family destruction,

    these social workers are working for the society - the Marxist feminit gynocracy where men are their hate bulls eye and marked for special treatment

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    Re: A mess up of their own doing!!

    I like this quote from Unleashed (2005) - IMDb:
    Quote Quote from Bart
    "Get 'em young enough, and the possibilities are endless."

    I don't believe that the state wants people to get off drugs. Often those on drugs see how corrupt this world is, and by them being on drugs the state and social services can hide it by blaming these kids as just some drug abusers making stuff up.
    Our society puts a premium on beauty; common in declining cultures.
    Get'm young enough, and the possibilities are endless. -- Unleashed: Danny the Dog


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