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Thread: Hi everyone!

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    Re: Hi everyone!

    Quote Quote from Percy View Post
    On the matter of 'voting' it is well for a young American woman to realise that the world is far bigger than America. Women had the vote in Australia in 1900, before feminism and before 'sufragettes'.
    Sorry, Percy but that's not so. From my blog: "The Australian Women's Suffrage Society was formed in 1889 to support the idea that women should have the vote equally to men and several associations of men formed around the same time to gain universal suffrage for all" (not all men had the vote).

    While contemporary documents around the world show that the suffragette movement and feminist groups were distinctly different, Australia actually has an interesting exception that 'proves the rule.' Australia's Louisa Lawson was a business woman in the early 19th century (clearly before feminists invented the idea that she could not possibly be, because of the patriarchy and the glass ceiling and that no woman had an education .. however I digress ..) who was a feminist who used her printing press for feminist brochures and also supported the suffragists by printing their leaflets at cost price. History on both suffragettes and feminists make a clear distinction between the two groups, even though Lawson was part of both.
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    Feminism's ridiculous reality can be hard to separate from the laughably ridiculous.

    I like females - I admire femininity - I despise feminism

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    Re: Hi everyone!

    Welcome. You will find a lot of information to your liking on the site, you will also find a lot you disagree with. That's one of the great points about this site. As a man i have opened my eyes to the misandry prevalent in our society. Take a look through our eyes at what happens all around you. Consider the viewpoints of many on the site. Hopefully you can see why we are the way we are and why we think they way we do.

    As KellyMac states, you will need to grow a thick skin. We don't hold back much on the site and simply state the way we see things, we state our views.

    Once again, welcome. Jump into the fray!

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    Re: Hi everyone!

    Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice.” (Chicago Women's Liberation Union pamphlet, Lesbianism and Feminism, 1971; Stevi Jackson, Sue Scott, Feminism and Sexuality: A Reader, Columbia University Press, 1996, p. 282) link

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    Re: Hi everyone!

    Quote Quote from Black Knight View Post
    Yep, but again who's there for the child - ever? No male role models. No teachers, no leaders, nobody he can relate to. The father? Not gonna stick to a whorish mother. Doesn't even believe the kid's his, with good reason. The only successes? Drug dealers. Pimps. Burgulars. The only masculine groups? Gangs. This is what happens when you completely feminize a society and remove the positive masculine example from the household and the schoolhouse - masculinity with only negative examples or direction may as well be raw destructive force when these young men start to lash out at the hopelessness of life. These boys are getting a one-sided view of successful manhood.

    "The only masculine forces I see achieving success are selling drugs or women. In order to be a successful man, I must..."

    The vicious cycle's in self-perpetuation, but we've gotta stop it somewhere. Women aren't gonna do it while it's sustainable.
    You must've forgotten about parental alienation.

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    Re: Hi everyone!

    Quote Quote from Alex View Post
    Hating men isn't right. Hating women isn't right.
    I couldn't agree more.

    Quote Quote from Alex View Post's still rape unless she explicitly says yes.
    Is it? So, I can't have consensual sex with a woman unless she speaks the word 'yes'? See, I disagree - I think two mature adults can consent without words, body language and implied gestures speaks much more than words - in fact, words only make up about 7% of 'communication' while body language, facial expression, tone of voice, etc. etc. account for the remaining majority of communication.

    Quote Quote from Alex View Post
    Why is it that when I attempt to bring the issue up, I'm derailing, but if I try to find a new place, it's "what about the mens"?
    This is one of the mechanisms used by feminists to ensure they retain full focus exclusively on women, most commonly at the expense of men & children.

    Quote Quote from Alex View Post
    Another is the mostly anti-abortion attitude on here. I don't want to get into that can of worms, but I do support abortion. I dislike when it is used as birth control, but when a woman has been raped, the fetus won't survive, or the woman's health is in danger, there should be no argument.
    We're pretty much in agreement again.
    The most offensive thing you can do to a feminist is treat her with FULL equality.
    --Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right.--

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    Re: Hi everyone!

    Welcome (-:
    The greatest enemy of the truth is very often not the deliberate lie - but the persistent, persuasive and unrealistic myth that the lie creates


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