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    This stuff is gold. I grew up with a feminist mother and a workaholic father who generally wanted me to 'make peace with your mother' when he got home from his stressfull and demanding job as a senior engineer, whenever we had the inevitable child-parent disputes that feminist mothers have with their independantly minded sons since he was too tired to give a shit who said what to whom and knew the only way to end the dispute was for me to 'be a man' and 'admit fault'.

    Eventually they had me diagnosed with ADD and prescribed with Dexamphetaine (similar to ritalin) which I suppose they thought solved the problem...

    I'd just like to take my hat off to Angry Harry (the first anti feminist website I ever came across- woah, I thought I had strong negative opinions about radical feminists...), Duncan Idaho, Captain Zarmband and the like for helping me to see that I was not alone in my convictions.

    I have no children and have never been married so I've come off relatively unscathed from the feminist movement. I welcome input from some of the older guys for the value of their life experience with feminism.

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    Welcome to my humble abode, Darth.. I look forward to your input.
    The most offensive thing you can do to a feminist is treat her with FULL equality.
    --Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right.--

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    I am a newbie to this forum, but not new to the antics of feminists.


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    Hi Darth

    Although you aren't married and don't have children, trust me, you HAVE been affected by the feminist movement

    If you haven't, then you wouldn't be on a forum such as this lol

    All of us are victims of feminist lies and propaganda, even if some men haven't realised this yet, i.e. the 'new men' like David Cameron/Tony Blair, who put all women's issues first
    Some feminists never die, they just smell that way

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