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    I am 32 and have intentially remained single so that I can get my career started first. After multiple science degrees with a 3.9 GPA, I cannot get my foot in the door in any field. HR are social clubs for women, yet they are the gatekeeper of every hospital occupation. If a guy is timid, they say he doesn't want the job, but if he is assertive, he is an oppressor. Abolish HR and return the hiring power to the departments concerned.

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    Is your name a play on "Lonely are the brave" perchance?

    I would assert Human Resources are 'also' akin to a commissars office. Such a concept has origins in communism, incorporate a "filter" within the workplace that upholds and reinforces a political belief or ideology.
    The wicked flee when none pursueth. Proverbs 28:1

    'Rise like Lions after slumber In unvanquishable number - Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in sleep had fallen on you - Ye are many - they are few.'

    Percy Bysshe Shelley

    "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. "
    Thomas Jefferson

    The internet has been a lifeboat for men's opposition to the floodings of feminism.
    Celtic Druid

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    Re: BraveryisLonely Intro

    Welcome aboard.
    The most offensive thing you can do to a feminist is treat her with FULL equality.
    --Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right.--

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    Re: BraveryisLonely Intro

    Human Resources - makes me feel like a “Sack of coal” or a "Bag of sugar"

    God kept His word and sent His Prophet in this day.

    Judgement is coming, time is fast running out !!!

    Do you know where you stand with God ?

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    Re: BraveryisLonely Intro

    The men's and fathers' movement needs to make sure it never sees females as the enemy,
    but only misandry--whether from females or from males.
    If not, we'll become like the bigoted feminists that this movement was formed to oppose.
    Glenn Sacks


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