Our own reporting, from sources in the USA and Kyrgyzstan, indicate to us that Metzger was on a different mission. Could the intense, super-achiever officer, who was described as "moody and abrasive" by some on Manas AFB who saw her just prior to her disappearance, have been seeking an abortion in town instead? has learned from reliable sources that Metzger refused a pregnancy test and even balked at giving blood when being treated by U.S. military doctors. Why? FOX NEWS reported the major, who appeared before a federal grand jury in a super hush-hush session, failed a polygraph test.

If it proves true Metzger lied, that opens a whole can of worms for the Air Force. They will be seen as being so cowed and intimidated by the feminists they would not punish or court-martial such a celebrity officer, even if she was guilty of a myriad of offenses.

From another article on the same site:

A taxi-driver said he took Metzger to the Issyk Ata District Medical Clinic in Kant (near where the major turned up after allegedly "escaping" to a Kyrgyzs citizen's home), claiming she had fled from captors after "overpowering" a guard. The facility is located at the junction of Togolok-Moldo and Kievskaya Streets.

In a weird twist, Metzger's hair was chopped short and dyed brown. Was that to disguise her unusual light hair in the Central Asian Republic, perhaps? Dye was found on the officer's hands. The 90-pound, petite major told investigators she'd escaped her "captors" when she subdued a guard - no mention if he was armed - when he brought her food.
This is a summarization:

However, if a male Caucasian had gone AWOL, disobeyed a direct order, made false official statements, committed adultery and fraternization and instigated an international incident, falsely accusing a host country's people of committing the crime of kidnapping, we somehow think that man would be sitting in a jail cell at Leavenworth DB right now. He certainly wouldn't be handled with kid gloves or slipped out the back door by the top brass with a fat pension in his pocket.