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    Re: Rise in retirement age for women to accelerate, also reaching 66 by 2020

    Quote Quote from pzreb View Post
    U mean to tell me Britian had different retirement ages for men and women. Holy shit! That is completely idiotic!
    Suprisingly,the feminist's are not out on the street's demanding equality and parity in retirement age's.
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    Re: Rise in retirement age for women to accelerate, also reaching 66 by 2020

    A male dominated society? For ten years in the UK, women had slightly less voting rights than men. For 60 years and ongoing women have earlier pension, despite having a longer lifespan.

    solving planetary misandry

    Feminism's ridiculous reality can be hard to separate from the laughably ridiculous.

    I like females - I admire femininity - I despise feminism

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    Re: Rise in retirement age for women to accelerate, also reaching 66 by 2020

    Let's see!
    A man gets up early morning, say 6 am, makes his own breakfast, leaves home 6.45 am, commutes one hour to arrive to his place of work just before 8 o'clock. He works for nine hours with lunch break 30 minutes, after work, commutes one hour to arrive home after 6 pm, only to find her wife demanding him to do his share of the housework and handing over a share of his hard earned salary. If he does not comply is taken to the family court where he loses his home, his children, his savings, half his pension, and forced to pay menaces money or, docked from his wages.

    This is not life. This is a nightmare come true. Not surprisingly many men would rather kill themselves than live the rest of their lives in such bonding.

    As for equality, can't find it.

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    Re: Rise in retirement age for women to accelerate, also reaching 66 by 2020

    Brilliance, sheer BRILLIANCE. Educating, too. I never knew that, in Spain and Austria, it can be grounds for divorce/no parental rights, if a man hasn't done his "fair share" of the housework. How on Earth such things can be considered of such importance, much less able to be PROVEN, is beyond me.

    Western Europe has officially gone mad.....
    "There are lies, damned lies, and there are feministic statistics". Myself
    "Behind every bitch, is a FEMINIST who made her that way....". Myself


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