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    Political mathematics, Feminist style

    The logic is impeccable. Indeed, hen-peckable.

    The numbers of men in a National Cabinet should be reduced to fit the number of womyn available, according to the Womyn. 50% ain't always 50%.

    One woman 'more than enough' - Samoa PM

    Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi swore in his 13-member cabinet over the weekend after winning a comfortable majority in the March 4 election.

    The leader had an elected group of two women and 34 men to select from, and said his final mix of one female minister and 12 male in cabinet got the gender balance "just right".

    "We have two female members and 34 male members," the often controversial Mr Tuilaepa told Radio New Zealand International.

    "So, to have one out of two is 50 per cent. That's more than enough."

    But Fiji-based women's rights group Femlink said the prime minister clearly misunderstood the goal of gender equality.

    She said the quota should represent 50 per cent of the final cabinet, not just 50 per cent of the women available for selection.

    "His interpretation of equality is in this case is very unfortunate," executive director Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls said.

    "The goal should actually be 50 per cent of parliament made up of women, not 50 per cent as in one out of two."

    (See the rest of the article, as per Marx's new posting Rules, at: Mercury - The Voice of Tasmania )
    As there is no indicator for Samoa, I have used Ireland's. For obvious reasons.
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    Re: Political mathematics, Feminist style

    Maybe someone can tell these feminists that they need to "show up" if they want to be elected, nobody is going to go to your house and just ask you if you would like to be in parliament because we haven't met the quota yet for women in parliament. Gotta love the logic behind this one!! I mean if only two were elected, what does that say about the quantity of women who actually ran?


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