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    Former Governor Exposes Male Homelessness Issue

    Former New Jersey governor goes undercover as homeless man - Yahoo! News

    Surprising not just that there is someone actually exposing the bias against men in sheltering homeless, but this is a former governor, and a Democrat. I'm very interested in seeing what happens. It looks like he's trying to get the findings public, but Democrats are firmly in the deep pockets of feminists, and rocking the boat can't be good for his career. I'm expecting this to get buried, and for him to quietly told to hush up, or if it looks like he's doing too much to raise awareness, him getting disavowed by the Democrats as attacking women and raping the right to chose.

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    Re: Former Governor Exposes Male Homelessness Issue

    Disguised as a homeless man, he would not be noticed in the crowd. Disguised as a homeless woman he would stand out like a elephant in a flock of geese.
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    Re: Former Governor Exposes Male Homelessness Issue

    Indeed, it is long known by MRA's and stressfully dismissed by feminists that men face discrimination, not just in homeless settings, as in this example, but many other areas too. It's impressive to see a political figure actually acknowledging this though - so hats off to Governor, Richard Codey.
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