[QUOTE] GrayLady Up: Jill Abramson’s Reign Begins at the Times

Infighting, hypocrisy and anti-meritocracy prevailat the increasingly gynocratic Paper of Record.



The profile goes on to paint Abramson as rude, condescending, and disinclined to listen to anyone else’s views. Even her fans, reports Ken Auletta, the author of the New Yorker piece, “say that she could be short with people, curtly cutting them off in mid-sentence. Those who failed to meet her exacting standards were often berated, sometimes publicly.”

And that’s just what her “most devoted supporters” say. As for her critics, they “thought she played favorites and was mercurial.” Why ever would they say that? Could it be because, as Auletta writes, “many women at the Times came to see her as their advocate” or because “when women received promotions, Abramson often hosted a celebratory party for them. These celebrations got to be so frequent, the European correspondent Suzanne Daley joked, ‘it almost became, ‘Oh my God, another party!’”

Men who got promoted? Well, no parties but they were welcome to deal with their guilt silently, knowing they had probably cost some deserving sister the job.