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    Re: Feminism Keeps My Marriage Together

    Quote Quote from Kim View Post
    Exactly what I was thinking. They don't share the same name, they're planning on living apart while pursuing separate careers.....I would bet money they'll be thanking feminism for making divorce so acceptable and commonplace in the near future.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think there is a such thing as a one size fits all marriage, but there are certain elements that make marriage into what it is. It's supposed to be two people becoming one, a fusion of two lives, dedicated toward the same ends and purpose. Marriages such as we see above tend to be something more akin to roommates than a marriage.
    Great points. Sharing the same name and have common goals are important. I would give a woman a ring but I have no interest in fulfilling someone's girlhood fantasy by treating her like a princess and getting on my knees to beg her to marry me!
    The death of women in childbirth hurts the men they leave behind more than the women who die.

    Domestic Violence isn't funny...unless men are the victims.

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    Re: Feminism Keeps My Marriage Together

    True Equality <> Feminism


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