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    The covert destruction of American Justice

    Pajamas Media »

    EverySingle One’ Fallout: Justice Dept. in Turmoil From PJMedia Series

    What’s happened up until now, and what internal leaks sayabout what’s coming. Hint: jobs may now be at stake. (This is the twelfth of aseries of articles about the Justice Department's hiring practices sincePresident Obama took office. Read parts one,two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine,ten,and eleven.)
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    Re: The covert destruction of American Justice

    What an excellent find, Percy.

    I have been paying very careful attention to the politics of this region for the last five years, and have been catching up on a lot of history to boot. This appears to be one more nail in the coffin for Obama Politics. I'm not saying that the Republican view is any better (they promise smaller, less intrusive government but deliver the same thing as Liberal Democrats), but I do think at this point it's going to be choosing the lesser of two evils for this election period.

    The fact that the two party system is an utter failure is not lost on me. I can only hope that enough of the population of the U.S. pulls its head out of its ass long enough to mitigate the damage from a failing European economy, a Socialist push for "collective salvation", and a rising Communist China. Unfortunately, the reality of the consequences of our actions as an entitlement culture is probably going to smack us in the face before we get the shit out of our eyes.

    A careful analysis of the trends between Republican and Democratic legislators actually show that there is little difference in the end effect when it comes to social values. Both are guilty as sin of elevating the status of the female under the guise of "good intentions", when the actual players behind the scenes are the lobbyists throwing money at the system so that the U.S.'s largest consumer demographic will spend their way into owing the souls of their children and grandchildren (women). We continually market products that are meant to "enhance" the daily life of this demographic.

    But I digress.

    I would suggest to any serious scholar interested in misandry to begin to look farther than feminism, and start fingering not just the policies and politics, but the ACTUAL power behind the proverbial throne. Most feminists, even those in high ranking state positions, are really no more than patsies. They parrot and caw, and gnaw the bones they throw to themselves, without ever realizing that they are slowly being corralled.

    Yes, I understand that what I say is a little.......unusual. It is my fervent belief that by attacking feminist ideology we can affect real change, but that change is only due to turning people into free-thinkers.....something that even the Feminists' masters are afraid of.
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