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    Aunt more concerned about her food-stamps than her dead nephew

    To hear the Aunt's words about her need to get in the house to check her purse and food-stamps, you need to roll towards the end. How anyone could be so callous and ignorant is just beyond words...

    I couldn't imagine having left any of my children or nieces and nephews in the home alone while I went out to do some shopping. To come back to a burned down house and see a fireman bringing out the dead body of your relative and then say "Uh.. yuh, I gotta .. uh... duuuh... get in there n' check my purse..." just blows my mind.

    I genuinely hope to see this pair go down for a long, long time. They may not have set the place on fire themselves (maybe they did???) and they may not have intended for the children to be hurt... BUT the fact is these children were not responsible in anyway - this is why laws are here to protect them. Adults are responsible for the children.

    This is actually quite an upsetting video although there is nothing graphic in it.

    Then a related video is of a mother attacking a security officer who phoned 911 while trying to stop her from stabbing her baby daughter... 100 times.

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    Re: Aunt more concerned about her food-stamps than her dead nephew one else will say it...I will...



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