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    Misandry in the media? Oh my goodness, what a surprise.

    The trouble with British men

    Blah blah blah. A load of words from some cunt playing 'lets pretend to be a journalist, squeal!'

    Good news for British men: there have never been so many attractive, single women from abroad looking for love. The bad news?

    The bad news is that they're just as fucking fat, obnoxious, parasitic, stuck-up and money-hungry as the homegrown slags. It seems so anyway:

    And while Maryam left Iran for a society where women had more freedom, egalitarianism, she feels, can go too far. 'I remember my first date with a British man in a restaurant: the bill came and I waited for him to take his wallet out but he did nothing. In the end I realised he wanted us to split it. I think that's terrible. If a man can't even pay for dinner how is he going to support you and a child?'

    I think that perfectly sums up women in a nutshell; wherever they're from, wherever they're going, whoever they are, they just want a fucking meal ticket.

    "Somebody support meeeeee!"

    The best way to piss post-feminist women off is to give them exactly what they wanted; equality. Make them pay for their own cunting food.

    'I used to live in America and there men opened doors and said, "Ladies first," and helped me on with my jacket, because I think American women need a lot of attention. English women are much more independent, and perhaps as a result British men don't treat them so courteously.'

    No, English women aren't more "independent", they're just fucking hypocrites who want equality only when it suits them, although from what I've heard, that doesn't really distinguish them from American women. Or French ones. Or Swedish, or Australian, or New Zealanders, etc...

    Maryam stresses that, for all her misgivings, she would still rather marry a British man than an Iranian. 'They have what we call "clean eyes". They don't stare at other women when their wife isn't there - unlike the Spanish.' She smiles. 'Look, I think your men are really good and nice. If they weren't so lazy, they'd be fantastic.'

    Yeah, yeah, we're so fucking lazy aren't we? Jeez.

    You know why women bitch about men (British or otherwise) being lazy or immature? It's because a man who wants to laze about and live for himself is unable and unwilling to support a woman, and that means one more woman being obliged to get off her fat arse and actually work for a living instead of lazing about on the broken back of a man-slave.

    What a load of crap this article is; I'm regretting even paying it any attention. Some dumb bitch finds a few dumb bitches and asks them to insult men and moan about their singlehood, and, hey-presto, an article in a newspaper. So long as it insults men and raises the pathetic, rapidly-crumbling egos of women, that's all that matters.

    Now, my good friends and fellow bachelors, please excuse me whilst I go off to spend my Sunday afternoon being so horrifically lazy that I run the risk of turning into a sofa.

    Eternal Bachelor
    Women want the right to do everything but the obligation to do nothing

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    Re: Misandry in the media? Oh my goodness, what a surprise.

    With about 700,000 foreigners now estimated to be living permanently in Britain, romantic prospects have never been rosier for British men. Our cities are full of attractive, bright young women from all over the world. Yet, too often, the men they view as potential breeding partners turn out to be less James Bond and more Austin Powers.
    What a load of rubbish. For every Polish barmaid or female office worker, there's about 10 Polish builders or plumbers! And 80% of asylum seekers are men. Given that immigration brings far more men than women, I don't see how "romantic prospects have never been rosier for British men." Quite the opposite actually.


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