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    MOTAS (Escape game)

    I've played this room escape game called MOTAS (Mystery Of Time And Space) several times over a 2 year period. It now has 17 Levels (actually 16 - there is no Lvl 14). The most updated address for the game is here...

    The first time I played took me over 8 hours to finish 12 Levels, but I can finish in just over an hour now that I've played (two if there is a new Lvl at the end). MOTAS is resumable and I did spread the initial 8 hours over several days. The first time, I didn't really need a walk-through or spoiler thread until Level 8 when a glitch cause by a "cache" problem messed up the graphics. Below is a spoiler thread un-link in invisible ink, if anyone gets desperate. :???: Try to hold out. The earlier in the game you read spoiler threads, the more dependant on them you become.

    Walkthrough for Levels 15, 16, 17 and links to other MOTAS Walkthrough sites for earlier Levels here...
    This game is rated "G," so children can play - but maybe if your child is younger than middle school, offer to play with them.

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    Re: MOTAS (Escape game)

    Terry!!!! Good to see you!!!

    S E R V I C E W I T H A S M I L E

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    Re: MOTAS (Escape game)

    Hi Terry, as LG said it's good to hear from you.
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