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Introduction to anti misandry
Site notices and major broadcasts.
Topics: 661 Posts: 5,183
Last Post: a second test
661 5,183
a second test
by Douglas
Donations (13/169)
The proof of misandry in soicety and the ways it harms men, children and even women.
Topics: 6,907 Posts: 55,464
6,907 55,464
For The Win Parenting (1,111/6,275)
Some Good Men (43/219)
Achievements (27/163)
False Allegations (1,075/5,371)
Feminist/ Misandry (1,448/16,503)
Female Paedophiles (438/1,904)
Facts and Figures (349/2,607)
Essential (150/794)
Please let the anti-misandry community know something about yourself and your views.
Topics: 883 Posts: 14,021
883 14,021
Basic Help (31/195)
Chatter of all kinds. Use the Rant Room to let off steam.
Topics: 10,941 Posts: 116,766
10,941 116,766
Strictly Manly (209/1,835)
Rant Room (404/4,182)
Fun & Humor (1,061/5,790)
This is the forum to post positive articles to. We need to remember, it's not always bad - so let's post up the good news. Know a man just exonerated, or an anti-male law has just been rolled back? Post about it here!
Topics: 534 Posts: 4,413
534 4,413
Discuss Marriage, Men Screwed by Preposterous Divorce Courts, Children, Choice for Men and pertinent topics.
Topics: 1,389 Posts: 11,781
1,389 11,781
Fathers Forum (510/3,655)
Mental, physical, emotional.. it all comes together here under the umbrella of "Men's & Boy's Health".
Topics: 639 Posts: 4,197
639 4,197
Global men's issues and the combat against misandry that is not specific to other forums.
Topics: 4,635 Posts: 33,239
4,635 33,239
Girls Gone Wild! (320/1,740)
Stupidity (556/4,352)
This is the preferred area for self admitted feminists to discuss & debate so as to avoid disrupting the flow of the other forums.
Topics: 315 Posts: 6,564
315 6,564
We know most women DON'T want feminism.. Come and share your voices. We're listening :)
Topics: 0 Posts: 0
0 0
This is for POLLS alone. If the poll you want has a pertaining link please add that to the poll body.
Topics: 171 Posts: 5,293
171 5,293
Advice Corner
Has the Black Dog nibbled your ankle? Got Overworked or a burnout? You may want to discuss the side effects, the implications and the various strategies for dealing with these wounds... Step on in, Brothers.
Topics: 82 Posts: 1,218
82 1,218
For those who suffer PTSD - this is the forum for you.
Topics: 4 Posts: 25
4 25
Did you experience Discriminative Practices at Work or Spotted Clear Sexism, Misandry at play in Social Settings?
The question many men ask is along the lines of 'How do I deal with this, without being branded negatively?'
There are legal avenues to pursue, or it may only require subtle words... Get Free Advice here on the Best Course of Action.
Topics: 249 Posts: 2,906
249 2,906
Sincere Advice on Dating, Love and Sex. Turning wimps, chivalrous tools, and doormats into Men!
Topics: 177 Posts: 2,936
177 2,936
Are you a new or seasoned Daddy struggling with your child somehow? This is the place to talk to other good Father's about tactics and methods employed to help gain the most from your relationship to your child.
Seperated Father's may find this a particularly useful area, including dealing with the aftermath of enforced legal detachment by 'family' courts and sexist legal standards.
If you are asking for LEGAL advice from your Brothers, please be certain to use the location flags available so respondants know which laws and experiences to draw from.
Topics: 146 Posts: 1,127
146 1,127
Dealing with the consequences of divorce.
Divorce is a difficult, lengthy & painful process which many men will endure unwillingly. Obviously, this is tenfold if you have children. Here you can ask for advice from other men who have endured this process. Legal advice will obviously be extremely limited, but answers to legal issues are requested to supply legitimate sources for credibility and integrity.
Topics: 47 Posts: 376
47 376
Depression and suicide during divorce
by Douglas
Get legal advice here. Please note that you MUST specify the country from a pulldown menu and you should understand that any advice garnered is a) limited and b) not to be taken as professional.
Topics: 68 Posts: 474
68 474
Free support for False Rape or Abuse Accusation Victims.
Help with false accusations: advice for victims who are falsely accused of rape / domestic violence.
False accusations are not rare. They are mostly deliberated by vindicative women against innocent men without providing convincing proof.
Topics: 79 Posts: 526
79 526
International Zone
Or you may want to try a Canadian board, Men's Rights Help forum, here:

Topics: 390 Posts: 2,037
390 2,037
If you have a high quality German speaking forum, consider a link exchange:
AntiMisandry is currently seeking the services of a Moderator for the German sub-forum. Please use the link (right) to express your interest for either a link-exchange OR for the position of German Moderator.
Topics: 6,991 Posts: 7,533
6,991 7,533
Forum Espanol
If you have a high quality Spanish speaking forum, consider a link exchange: AntiMisandry is also seeking a Moderator for this sub-forum. Please use the link (left) to express your interest for either a link-exchange OR for the position of Spanish Moderator.
Topics: 91 Posts: 144
91 144
French Forum
Topics: 26 Posts: 37
26 37
Forum Italian
Topics: 4 Posts: 4
4 4
Toefl Certificate for sale
Nederlands Forum
Topics: 44 Posts: 78
44 78
Forum Polski, Polish:

Topics: 27 Posts: 32
27 32
A Polish woman says..
by Douglas
India Forum
Topics: 160 Posts: 402
160 402
Discuss in Other Languages.
Topics: 31 Posts: 184
31 184
Topics: 2 Posts: 11
2 11
Rof L Mao Esq
"Girls Are Better Students"
Topics: 8 Posts: 69
8 69
Yan Yan
Obama - I don't hate you, men.
by Yan Yan
Activism Assembly
Relevant Activism Campaigns & News.
Topics: 1,067 Posts: 9,889
1,067 9,889
MRA Projects (68/741)
Activism Gateway (41/693)
Refer to male friendly youtube files here.
Topics: 574 Posts: 3,213
574 3,213
Links to all video files hosted on this site, free to distribute either on the forum, or elsewhere.
Topics: 28 Posts: 115
28 115
Dylan MacVillain
abc news - abused men
Masculinist Reports
Topics: 6 Posts: 28
6 28
Outer Rim
This forum allows members to post anything that requires HTML. It IS moderated so it may take a day for a new post to appear. This has been created as some video's require it. If you spot something you'd like posted here, make the post and it will be approved and posted.
Topics: 37 Posts: 73
37 73
Fifty Domestic Violence Myths
AM Site Help
Ask for help in this forum, please read other posts in case your query is already answered. Problems with mysql, etc. will be listed here.
Topics: 175 Posts: 1,127
175 1,127
This is the place to make suggestions (of almost any nature) pertaining to MAF.
Topics: 116 Posts: 933
116 933
Topics: 189 Posts: 1,315
Last Post: Text below footer
189 1,315
Text below footer
by Marx
Links Portal
Men's Talk & Variety
Discuss Cars, bikes, gadgets, and the lot.
Topics: 14 Posts: 113
14 113
The Jumbo Jet - Amazing !!!
Fashion, style, accessories, men's clothing.
Topics: 7 Posts: 46
7 46
The Possible Human
Rucksack kind of guy
Entertainment talk goes here.
Topics: 32 Posts: 206
32 206
Computor terminology for Australians
by Percy
Talk about any form of sports here. It's not my thing, but I realise most chaps enjoy Saturday morning footy (soccer) while others prefer the tranquility of fishing. Share your obsession here. (If this takes off diversely, I'll add subforums accordingly)
Topics: 241 Posts: 746
Last Post: Euro 2012
241 746
Celtic Druid
Euro 2012
Talk about classic games that kept you up into the early hours of the day. Also covers the forum's new arcade facility..
Topics: 12 Posts: 59
12 59
Consoles, Personal Computers, handhelds, whatever you've got that plays a game, talk about the hardware and the software in here.

Please note: The skin for this forum is currently displaced, a fix is in the pipeline.
Topics: 155 Posts: 1,082
Last Post: Mass Effect 2
155 1,082
Guest's Avatar
Mass Effect 2
by Guest
Various music discussions, groups, bands, styles, ages, etc. Share your favourite artists, most memorable songs & most likable lyrics.
Topics: 358 Posts: 2,862
358 2,862
Talk about movies & TV here. Seen a glitch that rubbishes a film or TV series? Tell us about it..
Topics: 115 Posts: 978
115 978
Various discussions about the arcade system here at AM and a link to our very own arcade section :) WooHoo
Topics: 19 Posts: 135
19 135
Frustrated??? Oooooooh!!!! Just a bit!
by Duran
Relating to scientific interests.
Topics: 308 Posts: 1,421
308 1,421
Gliese 667c aka Earth v2
Share your favourite pictures, art, graphics and literature. :)
Topics: 226 Posts: 1,249
226 1,249
Girls Are Stupid pics
by Douglas
A compilation of books presented for your reading pleasure.
Topics: 121 Posts: 187
121 187
Fascinating Womanhood
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