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Thread: Radical Homosex Attack on BOYS!

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    Wiemar Kalifornia - Peoples Republik; Der Moonbeam, Uber Kommandant, Inc.

    Re: Radical Homosex Attack on BOYS!

    The story of the SEA SCOUTS in Berzerkely Kalifornia is a nightmarish example of the War Against Boys and Men waged by the Radical Leftist / Gender Feminist / Homosex lobby - uncluding the craven pimps of the supreme Turkey Baster Creationist Court that ruled against them eventually.

    Of course the fact that the Sea Scout Leader - who Publicly Denounced the Boy Scouts position against pandering to the Sick Hatreds and Vile Perversions of this lobby and asserted his desire to have Homo-Anal Males fully integrated in to Scouting...

    Turned out to be a Homo-Anal Ephebophile Boy Rapist Himself - as the unfolding stories will detail...

    In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell


    'Radical homosexuals' want to coerce compliance - Berkeley activists deprive Sea Scouts of First Amendment rights, brief says
    October 09, 2006 © 2008

    A decision by the city of Berkeley, Calif., to deprive the Sea Scouts of a traditional benefit because their parent organization holds a religious belief that does not allow homosexuals or atheists in positions of leadership is being challenged before the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Now the Thomas More Law Center has filed a legal brief in support of the Sea Scouts, who are affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, a group that already has been before the Supreme Court where its right to limit those in leadership to those who share its beliefs has been affirmed...

    "This is a clear example of how radical homosexuals using the powers of government attempt to coerce compliance with their world views on sex, marriage and religion," said Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel for the Law Center.

    The Sea Scouts are a public service organization serving area youth by teaching them sailing skills, as well as carpentry and plumbing. Their parent organization, the BSA, has a prohibition on homosexuals and atheists in positions of leadership.

    The original appeal was filed by the Pacific Legal Foundation and contests the end of the 50-year connection between the Sea Scouts and the city. The case brief added by Thomas More also seeks to reverse the California Supreme Court's opinion that said Berkeley could discriminate against the Sea Scouts because of the group's beliefs.

    The city provides free berthing privileges to other nonprofit groups at a city marina, but withdrew that privilege from the Scouts, so it now costs them about $6,000 a year for services other non-profits get without charge.

    "Berkeley is penalizing the Sea Scouts for exercising their First Amendment right of association in ways that city officials don’t like,"
    said PLF attorney Harold Johnson, co-counsel in the case, in an earlier WND report. "May government punish you, or fine you, or subject you to second class treatment if you don’t pass a politically correct litmus test?"

    It was the Supreme Court's "Boy Scouts of America v. Dale" in which the high court recognized the Scout's policy as an exercise of expressive association protected by the First Amendment.

    However, the city of Berkeley said it would not be bound by that, and it would require that the Sea Scouts "repudiate" the association with BSA. When the Sea Scouts failed to meet that demand, the city decided it wouldn't treat the Scouts as it does other groups.

    The Law Center's new brief says the state Supreme Court's rejection of the Scouts' right to expressive association places "an unconstitutional condition" on the receipt of public benefits in violation of the First Amendment.

    "Berkeley may believe that the Sea Scouts should repudiate the BSA and its decision to exclude gays and atheists in order to promote a lifestyle that is 'morally straight' but the First Amendment prohibits the government from denying benefits to citizens simply because they refuse to abide by government orthodoxy," said Patrick Gillen, the Law Center attorney on the case.

    "Berkeley's effort to make the Sea Scouts pay for exercising their right to expressive association should be struck down," he said.

    The BSA, in an announcement about the case, said the "California Supreme Court Ignores Constitutional Rights." It expressed "dismay" that the court "chose to ignore United States Supreme Court precedent" in order to deny the Sea Scouts First Amendment rights.

    The Law Center is a public interest firm that defends and promotes the religious freedom of Christians, time-honored family values, and the sanctity of human life through education, litigation and other activities.

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    Wiemar Kalifornia - Peoples Republik; Der Moonbeam, Uber Kommandant, Inc.

    Re: Radical Homosex Attack on BOYS!

    Sodom by the Sea Honors NAMBLA "Dignitary"

    For those of you wondering about the long time "Love Connection" between the self appointed 'Elite' of Sodom by the Sea, and the Homosex / Ephebobphile / Pederast organization of hard core Little Boy Buggerers known as NAMBLA (north American man boy love assc.)…

    Check out the link and quote from a story in the S.F.Chronicle from 20\-19-04:
    Link = Within its walls are the sounds of Auden, Ginsberg and Walker. Their words still echo at the Poetry Center, 50 years after it.
    "It's here you can see Ginsberg, filmed in the basement of City Lights in 1965, reading a poem that begins "I was arrested thrice in Prague," greeting a semi-coherent Neal Cassady and demonstrating Tibetan hymns to the unborn Buddha with which he starts every day. "I sing for 20 minutes. It's like prayer."

    The "Ginsberg" spoken of is Alan Ginsberg - The Most Prominent NAMBLA "Officer / Dignitary" in Sodom by the Sea, and a perennial favorite of the City's Art / Poetry mafia, if only for his moving Anthem written for NAMBLA = "Young Boy Give Me Your A$$."

    Whatever else you may think of San Francisco, it Is the Homo-sexual Capitol of Weimar Amerika, with the Homosex Castro District as ground zero for the #1 Syphilis transmission rate (mostly among HIV positive Homo-Anal males) in the entire nation. When they stage their "Pride" parade up Market Street the Radical Homosex lobby makes sure that NAMBLA is fully included in all festivities - just so long as the 'breeders' who's boys they target are kept clueless by maintaining a relatively low profile in public.

    Helps prevent “Ism-Obia” they say. Or as said elsewhere...

    One of the 'advantages' of being in touch with trends in my home town of Frisco (aka - Sodom by the Sea, a subdivision of Kalifornia, Weimar Amerika, Inc.) is that it provides me with a view of the futuristic utopian image of a genuine "Gay" paradise of "Tolerance", which the rest of the country will soon be required to imitate, or else.

    The local "Family Newspapers" (like the 'Crock-a-bull', under editor Phil 'lizard bait' Bronstein) play an important role in the Thought Policing necessary to such a paradise; where 'Ungood' facts are not allowed to interfere with profitable scams. The 'news' media has played an outstanding role in keeping the public either ignorant or Ms.-informed about the facts, and often times both. Bless their greedy little hearts.

    Prior discussion of the Radical Homosex pander or perish agenda in Kalifornia had focused on the scam of "The California Schoolchild Homosex Indoctrination Act " (Mislabeled under Education Code §3228-8.5 as 'The School Safety & Violence Prevention act'), signed by since disgraced child pimp governot 'gay' davis.
    The events surrounding this signing ceremony, held before a huge Hollyweird Homosex Lobby crowd of 'stars' and power brokers (none of whom could have belonged to Michael Ovitz's "Gay Mafia" - because it officially doesn't exist), show the extent of the Thought Policing that has pervaded the Government, and the even more powerful Media.

    I have already written about the use of Matthew Shepard as a media martyr by 'gay' davis in his speech, just before accepting the huge bag of money from the homosex lobby. Despite the fact that Shepard had full blown Aids, and claimed to have been Raped by Homo-Anal Perverts while a school boy (where he may have gotten the disease), he was used to justify pimping school children to the Radical Homosex lobby.
    Link = Vanity Fair: The Crucifixion of Matthew Shepard (Mar 99)
    However - there was another sub-text to this event, which was far more chilling than the simple manipulations needed to create a media martyr out of Shepard. This one required some Serious Thought Policing to keep the wraps on, because it touched on a very 'delicate' issue of 'Tolerance', particularly so in Sodom by the Sea.

    That sub- text, which has been the subject of Intense Censorship, is the story of what happened to 13 year old Jesse Dirkhising at the beginning of the week the bill was signed, and how it was spun and covered up by the media and others, until well after the event was over and the law's ink had dried and the money been deposited.
    Link = Matthew Shepard Jesse Dirkhising

    The subject of EPHEBOPHILIA is discussed in Tammy Bruce's book, The Death of Right and Wrong. It involves homo-anal males who are attracted to post pubescent boys, as opposed to pre-pubescent ones, although the line doesn't exist for some. For example the famous (and widely respected by the San Francisco Media) "Beat Poet" Alan Ginsberg, was not only a NAMBLA (north American man boy love assc) 'Officer' - but author of their anthem poem = "Young Boy, Give Me Your A$$", and fit in just fine with the city and its atmosphere of 'Tolerance.'

    By contrast 13 year old Jesse Dirkhising was the subject of a Homo-Anal Hate Crime in which he was drugged, bound, buggered, and murdered - all in celebration of a mainstream Homo-Anal 'lifestyle' (except the murder, which went over the edge) by two hairdressers who targeted and groomed him for it.A 'lifestyle' which was at the same time being pedaled openly and with great 'tolerance' on the streets of San Francisco - during its Folsom Street "BD&SM" Fair.

    Link = Folsom's flesh and fantasy / S.F.'s wildest street fair marks 20 years of leather, charity
    In a manner completely opposite from the way Shepard was treated, the Dirkhising story was not only buried, but some papers still don't allow his name to be printed. The Crock ran all sorts of pro-homosex stories at the time of his murder, and a small one about the 'victory' in Hollyweird, but this monstrous Homo-Anal Hate crime wasn't on the official news radar / ‘gaydar’ screen.

    By contrast, when the story did break much later, it was already Pre-Spun at places like, with the party line being that anyone who would connect the dots between this Homo-Anal Hate Crime and Shepard's Killing and Pimping School Children - had to be a nazi, and not a 'good nazi' like Ephebophile Ernst Rohm either.

    I had earlier mentioned that the slang term in Frisco for those young boys targeted by Ephebophiles was "Chicken" - and the game played was referred to by some as "Chicken by the Sea" - in good old Sodom by the Sea.
    In fact, it has gotten so 'Tolerant' in Frisco, that apparently the 'Crock' only allows pro-Ephebophile pieces to appear in the paper any more. FOR EXAMPLE - check out this latest from the Sunday Paper of 1-11-04, published as a special to the chronicle by a Homo-Anal male who proudly describes himself as an "Ex Skanky Ho":

    " Sexual free-for-all lets it all hang out- David Henry Sterry, who lives in San Rafael, is the author of the best-selling memoir "Chicken: Self-Portrait of a Young Man for Rent,'' recently purchased by HBO to make into a series."

    He is writing about a 'sex workers' convention for the 'Crock', but the mere fact that he is advertising openly about "Chicken" in the "Family Newspaper" is as good a sign as any just how far the rest of the country has to come to reach our exemplary standards of 'Tolerance.'

    I hope all of you out there are all ready for the necessary changes, lest you too be seen as intolerant and need a good stiff lesson in how to avoid "Ism-Obia".
    Just like the ones the Radical Homosex lobby is now giving to Kalifornia grade school children, here in this national leader (in both 'Tolerance' & Homo-Anal Syphilis) of the brave new world of 'Gay' Weimar Amerika, Inc.

    Link = S.F. has nation's highest syphilis rate / Increase of 127% in 2002 moves city from 6th to 1st
    Link = SF Public Health Officials Worried About Spread of Syphilis Among Gay Men
    Link = (HIV transmission case tossed out / Man didn't intentionally infect, judge finds),

    Best keep quiet about it though - Wouldn't want to spread any "Ism-Obia" now would we? What with everything else going around and all.

    "Not merely the validity of experience but the very existence of external reality was tacitly denied by their philosophy. The heresy of heresies was common sense." George Orwell - 1984 On the Thought Police

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    Wiemar Kalifornia - Peoples Republik; Der Moonbeam, Uber Kommandant, Inc.

    Re: Radical Homosex Attack on BOYS!

    Urgent Request Regarding California Senate Bill #777 (AFF)

    In July, we sent out an urgent request regarding Senate Bill 777 and the need to find a situation where this law has been applied. As of today, we have not been made aware of any applicable instance, and we’re racing against the clock in order to have our documents prepared before the upcoming hearing.

    Please forward this email to everyone on your email list!
    As a brief reminder, last fall the California legislature passed Senate Bill 777, signed by Governor Schwarzenegger, thereby redefining the term "gender" for all public schools in California. According to SB 777, you are what you think you are, regardless of your biological make-up.

    Further, gender is now a protected classification under California's nondiscrimination laws. Among other tragic consequences, this law will require the girls’ locker room in public schools to be open to any boy claiming to be a girl and vice versa. Our lawsuit seeks to reverse this law and the new definition of "gender” on the grounds that it is unconstitutionally vague and violates the right to privacy guaranteed to all public school children and teachers in the California Constitution.

    The State recently filed a motion to dismiss the case. In November, the Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments. We will vigorously oppose this motion, in addition to filing a motion for summary judgment asking the court to rule in our favor and strike down SB 777 as unconstitutional. Click here to read a further summary of the case and to read the actual lawsuit filed by Advocates for Faith and Freedom.

    It is important to spread the word in order to find situations where this law has been applied. Do you know any situation where a student or adult in California was forced to share a locker room, restroom, or other private facility with the opposite sex? If you or any of your friends and family have heard of a situation where a student or teacher was negatively affected by the implementation of SB 777, please call 1.888.588.6888 immediately.

    A booklet about SB 777, its author, and SB 777’s future impact, if it is not overturned, is available at no charge. If you would like copies of the booklet for yourself or others, please contact Advocates for Faith and Freedom at (888)588-6888.

    As we stand at the beginning of a long and difficult battle over the implementation of SB 777, we are extremely grateful to have so many individuals who are committed to standing with us.
    Please, remember to forward this email, as well as, obtaining the SB 777 booklet to pass on to all your friends and family members. We need to fully inform the people of California so we can protect our children in the public schools.
    Thank you!

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    Wiemar Kalifornia - Peoples Republik; Der Moonbeam, Uber Kommandant, Inc.

    Re: Radical Homosex Attack on BOYS!

    Typical of the Old Media and its rabid Pro-Homosex Pandering agenda, the story about a 'boy scout' leader being sentenced to prison for EPHEBOPHILE PERVERSIONS has been carefully sanitized to make the scouts look bad regardless.

    Missing from the mainstream media stories is the fact that the Berkeley Sea Scouts had sued the city of Bezerkley CA over the revocation of the right to use a dock space - because of the National Scouts policy against pandering to the Sick Hatreds and Vile Perversions of the Radical Gender Feminist / Homosex agenda.

    The Berkeley 'scouts' position (meaning the posture of this Boy Raping Homosex 'leader' - a sympathetic figure in the Media Until his conviction) was to Renounce the Mainstream Boy Scouts Strict Prohibition on such members of the Coprophile Cult of Feces Focused Homo-Anal Perversions serving anywhere near Boys...

    It was only after he was charged in Court with Ephebophilia (although they still avoid the term) that his Advocacy for Forcing the Scouts to Pander to Homosex Perversions - was Censored by the media.

    So Long as he was a poster boy for Trashing the Scouts Policy - he was presented and praised by the Media as such...

    - But as soon as he became a poster boy for Justifying the Scouts Policy against Homosex Perverts - the whole issue just went away.

    Best keep quiet about it - Wouldn't want to spread any "ism-Obia" now would we - what with every thing else going around and all.
    In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act George Orwell


    Berkeley Sea Scout leader sent to prison
    By Paul T. Rosynsky Oakland Tribune 09/16/2008

    Berkeley Police have arrested long time Sea Scout Leader, Eugene A. Evans, 64, of Kensington. ...
    A Berkeley Sea Scout leader, who was found guilty in July of molesting boys on the troupe's boat under a plea deal, was sentenced Tuesday to six years in prison.

    Eugene Evans, 65, must also pay $10,000 in restitution to his victims and register as a sex offender when he is released from prison, Alameda County Superior Court Judge Morris Jacobson ordered following the punishment laid out in the plea deal.

    Evans reached the deal with the Alameda County District Attorney's Office in July just before he was set to begin a preliminary trial on 18 felony charges, including child molestation and showing pornographic materials to young boys... on the U.S.S. Farallon, the 85-foot boat used by Evans as leader of the Sea Scouts.

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    Wiemar Kalifornia - Peoples Republik; Der Moonbeam, Uber Kommandant, Inc.

    Re: Radical Homosex Attack on BOYS!

    ACLU threat drives Scouts out of schools
    BSA drops charters with thousands of public campuses to avoid lawsuits
    Posted: March 11, 2005 © 2008

    The Boy Scouts of America is pulling the charters of thousands of scouting units from public schools in an effort to spare them from lawsuits threatened by the American Civil Liberties Union.

    In a letter sent to the BSA last month, the ACLU vowed to take legal action against public schools and other taxpayer-funded governmental agencies that charter Scout groups, claiming their sponsorship amounts to religious discrimination and violates the separation of church and state.

    The ACLU specifically takes issue with the Scouts' pledge of allegiance to God and country and the organization's prohibition of homosexuals as scout masters.

    BSA national spokesman Gregg Shields told the Baptist Press the organization was pulling its charters from schools "as a matter of stewardship."

    "We obviously don't want that [expensive lawsuits against schools] to happen," Shields told the news agency. "Instead, the Boy Scouts have tried to protect the resources of our education partners by moving our charter from public schools to other community-based organizations such as parent-teacher organizations or Salvation Army units or nearby religious organizations."

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    Wiemar Kalifornia - Peoples Republik; Der Moonbeam, Uber Kommandant, Inc.

    Re: Radical Homosex Attack on BOYS!

    Don't buy the cookies!

    Jane Chastain - February 28, 2008 World Net Daily
    I used to dread this time of year. In the month of March, Girl Scouts are out in force in their smart little green and brown uniforms selling cookies. There was a time I would buy a box from every girl I encountered as a payback for my positive scouting experience.

    However, buying that box of cookies now presents a moral dilemma, as the Girl Scouts have become a training ground for the left-wing feminist agenda.

    I used to get a knot in my stomach as I turned down these Girl Scouts. Last year I came up with a better plan. I began giving each girl who approached me a letter with an offer to give her troop $100 if it will change its affiliation to the American Heritage Girls.

    I greet the leader or parent with the girl and hand her information from the AHG website, along with my column "Confessions of a former Girl Scout" and my contact information.

    I can still remember the pride I felt as I stood at attention in my crisp Girl Scout uniform to recite the promise:
    On my honor, I will try:
    To do my duty to God and my country,
    To help other people at all times,
    To obey the Girl Scout Laws.

    How times have changed! Now God has an asterisk telling the girl that "it is OK to replace the word 'God' with whatever word your spiritual beliefs dictate."

    The word "duty" (to God) has been replaced with "serve" and the new all-inclusive Girl Scouts are free to serve anyone, including themselves, which seems fitting after reviewing some of their materials that stress "girl empowerment" and moral relativism.

    Is it any wonder that the "Covenant of the Goddess" website now boasts that the Girl Scouts allow its members to earn and wear its Over the Moon and Hart and Crescent Award, offered to any young person who is a member of a nature-oriented religion (Wicca, Druid, Asatru, you name it)?

    While the Boy Scouts have clung to their original God-centered charter, the Girl Scouts adopted a policy of nondiscrimination and now accepts atheists and lesbians as troop leaders and staff.

    In 2004, the Arcus Gay and Lesbian Fund gave a $21,500 grant to the Glowing Embers GS Council in Kalamazoo, Mich., to develop and produce a series of interactive games based on the new diversity (code word for homosexual) curriculum, "Living on My Honor"

    The changes began in 1970 when feminist Betty Friedan was put on the national governing board. Soon afterward, the Girl Scouts began purging their materials of all positive references to homemakers. Partnerships with Planned Parenthood followed and the Girl Scouts begin showing up at gun control rallies like the Million Mom March. The Scouts have adopted a new global agenda under the Studio 2B program. The Scouts bemoan the fact that the United States has not signed the radical feminist treaty, the U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), which would force nations to legalize abortion and prostitution. Guess a girl has to make a living!

    To earn the Women Worldwide Interest Project Patch, senior girls are asked to research women who have made an impact. Eve Ensler, the author of the "Vagina Monologues," and Rigoberta Menchu Tum, the lesbian Guatemalan Marxist activist, are held up as role models.

    To be sure, there are many good people engaged in Girl Scouting, and the experience largely depends on the character of the local leader and the disposition of the area council. Local councils select area delegates. However, these delegates have no say in national policy. This presents a real conflict for most people of faith, especially since the Girl Scouts brought in the controversial New Age group the Ashland Institute to assist in leadership training.

    Today, the American Heritage Girls is everything the Girl Scouts used to be. AHG began in 1995 and offers a scouting experience similar to the Boy Scouts of America. AHG's highest honor is the Stars and Stripes Award patterned after the BSA's Eagle award.

    It is not at all surprising that the Girl Scouts is losing members, while AHG is one of the fastest-growing youth organizations in America
    . AHG now boasts 185 troops and more than 6,300 members in 33 states with plans to expand to all 50 states in 2008.

    I proudly support them and I hope you will too.

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    Wiemar Kalifornia - Peoples Republik; Der Moonbeam, Uber Kommandant, Inc.

    Re: Radical Homosex Attack on BOYS!

    Railroading a Coverup?

    The Old Media Giant 'Singleton Syndicate' has apparently decided to downplay the Homosex / Suicide Questions that are now arising like stink from the muck in regard to the now deceased Homosex Metrolink Engineer who liked to Text Young Boys while riding the trian...

    Some Old Media Outlets (big city urban democrap) are actually running parts of the story, but apparently the policy is to keep the Suburban 'Vanilla' (voters / taxpayers) as clueless as possible until a new focus (politically proper) can be found for their attention.

    Where the Issues of Death, Suicide, Diabetes and the Complete Failure to Brake will fit in, are pieces of the puzzle. Still - the Picture that is emerging is one so ugly, that it will no doubt take a truly queer eye to spin it in to an Orwellian vision of love and 'tolerance'...
    Best keep quiet about it - wouldn't want to spread any "Ism-Obia", what with every thing else going around and all.

    In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>
    Conflicting portraits of Metrolink engineer
    Rebecca Cathcart, New York Times September 21, 2008

    In the week since a Metrolink passenger train collided head-on with a Union Pacific freight train, conflicting portraits of the engineer, Robert Sanchez, have emerged. Sanchez, 46, who did not brake before the crash, died along with 24 others... He also struggled with diabetes...
    He carried well-concealed grief, one friend said, after the death of his partner, Daniel Burton, in 2003...

    But a misdemeanor conviction for shoplifting in 2002 may have suspended his work for several months, said Wilson Wong, his former lawyer. Wong said Sanchez was arrested and convicted of a misdemeanor for stealing six PlayStations and two Xboxes from a Costco in San Bernardino, near his Crestline home.

    Sanchez pleaded guilty to the charge, said Wong, and served 90 days in jail spread out over a few dozen weekends.

    "He said he was diabetic, and Thanksgiving threw him off his schedule of eating and taking medication," said Wong, "and he just wasn't himself" when he stole the video game equipment...

    At the time of the arrest, Sanchez was living with Burton... a waiter in Crestline, where the pair bought their house in 2000. Relations between Peschell, her brother Charles Burton, 40, and Sanchez grew sour after Daniel Burton died Feb. 14, 2003.

    The San Bernardino County coroner determined that Daniel Burton had hanged himself in the garage of the couple's home, but his family would not accept that account.

    Sanchez told a sheriff's deputy that he had tried to break up with Burton the night before his partner's suicide, and that Burton had threatened to stop making payments on the house, according to the coroner's report.

    Burton's family suspected foul play, but the coroner found nothing to support that assertion. The Burton family had not spoken with Sanchez for about four years, said Charles Burton.

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    Wiemar Kalifornia - Peoples Republik; Der Moonbeam, Uber Kommandant, Inc.

    Re: Radical Homosex Attack on BOYS!

    The following is an excerpt from the "Phelan Report" from NARTH - The National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuals.

    It is a Response / 'De-Bunking' of the Political positions taken by the American Psychological Association "'Objecting to the threatment of Homosexuality"*
    NARTH - The Phelan Report - Introduction :

    In 1973, the American Psychological Association
    succumbed to years of pressure from gay and
    lesbian activists and removed homosexuality
    from its diagnostic list of mental disorders. Over
    the years, and despite substantial protest, the APA
    continues to bow to pressure from an active
    Committee on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and
    Transgender (GLBT) concerns, in order to take
    policy positions supporting a political agenda
    rather than respond to legitimate scientific
    For example, during the 2004 Annual Convention
    in Honolulu, APA’s Council of Representatives
    adopted a resolution supporting gay marriage by
    stating it is “unfair and discriminatory to deny
    same-sex couples legal access to civil marriage
    and its attendant benefits, rights and privileges.”
    The resolution was based upon the
    recommendation of the APAWorking Group on
    Same-Sex Families and Relationships, chiefly
    composed of gay and lesbian activists and
    individuals appointed to the task force because of
    their known support of the GLBT political
    In 1997, the APAadopted its current policy that
    opposes any counseling treating homosexuality
    as a mental illness, but did not explicitly
    denounce reparative type therapies. In April of
    this year, once again responding to the demands
    of vocal homosexual members, the APA
    authorized the creation of a task force on
    Appropriate Responses to Sexual Orientation,
    revising and updating the 1997 policy. Not
    surprisingly, the APAignored the nomination of
    many qualified candidates who had actual clinical
    background in the change therapy process and
    appointed a committee chiefly composed of
    known pro-gay therapists and academics who
    have made their opposition to gender-affirming
    therapies well know over the years.
    The opposition to change therapies seems to
    revolve around three general objections that the
    Scientific Advisory Committee, working under
    the direction of James E. Phelan, Psy.D, will
    address in this NARTH fact sheet.
    The American Psychological Association (APA)
    asserts the following as their objections to the
    treatment of homosexuality:
    1. There is no conclusive or convincing evidence
    to show such therapeutic attempts offer actual
    2. Efforts to change sexual orientation are shown
    to be harmful and can lead to greater self-hatred,
    depression, and other self-destructive results.
    3. There is no greater pathology in the
    homosexual population than the general
    AComprehensive Response
    to the American Psychological Association’s
    Objections to the Treatment of Homosexuality*
    The term homosexuality (and forms of it) is used throughout this report as per its historical and scientific tenses.
    The authors are aware the terms lesbian and gay are preferred when referring to specific groups.
    .................................................. ..........................
    Skipping to Page 6 of the summary fact sheet:

    3. “There is no greater pathology in the
    homosexual population than the general
    Research has proven homosexuals (mainly male
    representatives) have greater prevalence of
    pathology than the general population.
    This has
    been proven true among the following areas:
    Suicidal risk-taking in unprotected sex (van
    Kesteren, Hospers, & Kok, 2007); violence (Owen
    & Burke, 2004); antisocial behavior (Fergusson,
    Horwood, & Beautrais, 1999); substance abuse
    (Sandfort, de Graaf, Bijl, & Schnabel, 2001);
    suicidality (de Graaf, Sandfort, & Ten Have, 2006);
    promiscuity (Laumann, Gagnon, Michael, &
    Michaels, 1994); paraphilias (fisting) (Crosby, &
    Mettey, 2004); being paid for sex (Schrimshaw,
    Rosario, Meyer-Bahlburg, ScharfMatlick,
    Langstrom, & Hanson, 2006); sexual addiction
    (Dodge, Reece, Cole, & Sandfort, 2004);
    personality disorders (Zubenko, George, Soloff, &
    Schulz, 1987); and psychopathology (Cochran &
    Mays, 2007; Sandfort, de Graaf, Bijl, & Schnabel,
    Lesbians have much greater problems than their
    heterosexual counterparts, particularly in health
    (Cochran & Mays, 2007; Johnson, &
    Palermo, 1992; Moran, 1996). Findings from a
    national survey of approximately 1,925 lesbians,
    the largest to date, revealed over 50% had
    considered suicide and 18% had attempted
    suicide; 37% had been physically abused; 32% had
    been raped/sexually attacked; and 19% had been
    in incestuous relationships. Almost one-third
    used tobacco daily and about 30% drank alcohol
    more than once a week (Bradford, Ryan, &
    Rothblum 1994).
    As a rule of thumb, many of these characteristics
    have prevalence about three times what is found
    in the general population, sometimes much more.
    There are many different pathological traits well
    established as more prevalent. It is difficult to find
    a group of comparable size in society with such
    intense and widespread pathology.
    Acomplete literature review shows the very large
    number of papers in which a quantitative link
    with homosexuality is established. Only the most
    prominent categories have been surveyed; there
    are many others. The usual explanation is societal
    discrimination alone is responsible. However, the
    alternative possibility that the conditions which
    are inherent in the psychic structure of
    homosexuals has not been eliminated; indeed
    several cross-cultural studies show that
    prevalence seems independent of the cultural
    tolerance or hostility towards homosexuality.
    A quantitative link of pathology with
    homosexuality is well established
    — the
    alternative is mainly theoretical, and its
    quantitative extent largely undemonstrated.

    *This is a shortened version of an extensive paper which is available from NARTH, 16633 Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA91436-1801; (818) 789-4440.NARTH
    National Association for Research and
    Therapy of Homosexuality

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    Re: Radical Homosex Attack on BOYS!

    ACLU Tries to Shut Down the Boy Scouts While Defending Juvenile Boys Who Want to Cavort Nude in a Public Park (Liberty Counsel 11/19/04)

    Orlando, FL – The ACLU recently announced that the Pentagon will no longer sponsor the Boy Scouts of America (“BSA”). However, this claim of victory was overexaggerated, misleading, and obviously designed to raise funds for the group’s liberal agenda. The Boy Scouts will not be adversely affected. While trying to hurt the BSA, the ACLU filed suit against the state of Virginia, claiming that juvenile boys have a constitutional right to cavort nude in public parks.

    The ACLU claimed that military bases are unacceptable meeting grounds for the Scouts. The partial settlement to which the ACLU refers involves a longstanding Department of Defense (“DOD”) Policy which states that no military personnel may officially sponsor any private organization on a military base. The Pentagon has merely agreed that it will continue to apply its longstanding policy. Military officials may continue to sponsor Scout meetings on military bases in their personal capacity on their own time. The National Council for the BSA states: “This settlement will have no impact on Scouts or their families.”

    The ACLU lawsuit claims that the DOD and Housing and Urban Development violated the Establishment Clause by spending appropriated funds in support of the Scouts. The settlement has no effect on the challenge to DOD’s support - as opposed to sponsorship - of the Scouts or on any of the claims against HUD. The ACLU’s attempt to stop the Pentagon from supporting the Boy Scout Jamboree and to prevent the Scouts from using public housing facilities to meet is still ongoing and is being vigorously defended by the DOD and HUD.

    While targeting the BSA, the ACLU has filed suit against the state of Virginia claiming that a new state law is unconstitutional. Under the new law, hotels or camp grounds that allow juveniles to cavort nude without the presence of a parent or guardian cannot obtain a license from the State. The law was passed in response to a “leadership” program for juveniles age 11-17 at Camp Whitetail, in which young boys were permitted to cavort in the nude.

    Mathew D. Staver, President and General Counsel of Liberty Counsel, stated: “The ACLU is trying to shut down the Scouts with one hand and with the other argue that juvenile boys have the right to cavort nude in public parks. Either I’m confused or the ACLU has no moral compass. It would do the ACLU leadership good to attend a few Boy Scout meetings. Honoring God and pledging to remain pure are pretty good foundational values. Defending juvenile boys who want to cavort nude in a public park isludicrous.”

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    Re: Radical Homosex Attack on BOYS!

    Below is a link to download Gay Rights / Special Rights - Inside The
    Homosexual Agenda in MP4 format. It was reportedly banned in New Zealand for a while but the ruling was allegedly later overturned...

    - it remains to be seen whether the host or writers on this board will be granted similar sufferance. Ahem.

    The documentary was made a number of years ago - which makes it all the more interesting, as many of the things 'foretold' (no tea leave here folks - just a reading of the Marching Orders of the Radical Homosex Agenda) have not just come true - but in spades, or was that diamonds...

    Perhaps considering the Separatist Neo-Exterminationist nature of the Dyke Coven - 'clubs' fits best...

    BTW - Call me 'old fashioned' (which operates on a 15 minute time frame now anyway) but I prefer the simple "Ahem" to punctuate my moments of more piquant irony, over and above all the mobile smiley faces on the pallet. Ahem.

    [ame=""]Gay Rights / Special Rights - Inside The Homosexual Agenda[/ame]

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    Re: Radical Homosex Attack on BOYS!

    About Americans for Truth and Founder Peter LaBarbera

    Peter Peter LaBarbera, 46, is president of Americans For Truth (about Homosexuality, or AFTAH), a group dedicated to exposing the homosexual activist agenda. Founded as a part-time venture in 1996 but newly reorganized in August 2006, AFTAH seeks to apply the same single-minded determination to opposing the radical homosexual agenda and standing for God-ordained sexuality and the natural family as countless homosexual groups do in promoting their harmful agenda.

    Americans For Truth is a rare single-issue national group on the other side of this critical “culture war” issue. Meanwhile, there are over a dozen national American “gay” groups with annual budgets ranging from just under $1 million to over $30 million working to advance this agenda — which threatens to criminalize Christian opposition to behavior that most Americans believe is wrong.

    To reach LaBarbera and Americans For Truth, call 630-717-7631 or e-mail: Fax: 630-839-0799. Regular mail: Americans For Truth, P.O. Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567-5522.

    LaBarbera and Americans For Truth are often accused by homosexual militants with being “obsessed” about homosexuality (and LaBarbera has been falsely accused of being a repressed homosexual more times than he can remember), but he points to the many homosexual and related organizations that are well-financed and focused like a laser beam on normalizing homosexuality in the culture. To name the most influential:

    * Human Rights Campaign
    * National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
    * Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN)
    * Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)
    * Lambda Legal
    * ACLU Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Project
    * Servicemembers Legal Defense Network
    * Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)
    * National Center for Lesbian Rights
    * National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association
    * GenderPac
    * Soulforce
    * Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders

    AFTAH has come under steady and sometimes fanatical attack from homosexual activists and bloggers worldwide. In one instance, a troubled South Dakota activist published LaBarbera’s address on a radical lesbian’s website, and after noting that it is across from a park (it is actually a grade school), he wrote these ominous words: “Snipers, take note!” The activist later apologized to LaBarbera and received a warning from police.

    The reorganization of Americans For Truth as a full-time organization with a dynamic new website is the culmination of LaBarbera’s 22 years of professional and media experience — ranging from Washington Times reporter to conservative critic of the homosexual activist movement. He has done over a thousand interviews on the subject and written extensively on most aspects of the homosexual, bisexual, and “transgender” agenda –– with special focus on the inroads that the pro-homosexuality movement has made among America’s youth.

    LaBarbera has debated the top homosexual advocates while appearing on hundreds of TV and radio news programs, including FOX’s Hannity and Colmes, CNN’s “The Larry King Show” and CNN’s “Crossfire,” C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal,” National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered,” and Bill O’Reilly’s and Alan Colmes’ nationally syndicated radio programs. He has been quoted on homosexuality-related issues in newspapers across the nation, including The New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, as well as by Associated Press and Reuters.

    LaBarbera and Americans For Truth are frequently cited by Christian and conservative media. He has been interviewed by Dr. James Dobson on his national “Focus on the Family” radio program, American Family Radio, the late D. James Kennedy’s “Coral Ridge Hour,” “Point of View” (including by the late, great Marlin Maddoux), and hundreds of other local radio shows. He is a regularly interviewed by “Family News in Focus” (produced by Focus on the Family), Janet Folger’s “Faith2Action” radio show, Vic Eliason’s WVCY “Crosstalk” radio show, OneNewsNow (American Family Association), Cybercast News Service, USA Radio News, and SRN News (Salem Radio Network).

    As one who rejects the notion of inborn “gay” identity (“orientation”) and who believes that homosexual practice is always wrong but that people can leave the homosexual lifestyle, LaBarbera does not fit the liberal caricature of the angry “homophobe,” even as some homosexual activists try to portray him as such. He debates the issue with civility—even when his homosexual opponents refuse to do so—and has appeared on numerous homosexual broadcasts such as the Michelangelo Signorile Show. He is regularly interviewed by the homosexual press, and has noted that often homosexual reporters are often fairer to pro-family conservatives than the secular “mainstream” media, which has largely assumed the role of “cheerleader for the gay cause.”

    For the record, LaBarbera also has been smeared and denounced by Fred Phelps of “God Hates Fags” notoriety, after criticizing the Kansas pastor’s unChristian message.

    From 2003-2006, LaBarbera served as executive director of the Illinois Family Institute (IFI). He came to IFI from Washington, D.C., after 18 years as a writer and conservative commentator on issues ranging from communism in Central America to the growing controversy over “gay marriage.” At the Family Research Council (FRC), a leading pro-family think tank, he served as a policy analyst on homosexuality and gender issues while editing FRC’s popular weekly publication, CultureFacts.

    LaBarbera also has had two stints working at Beverly LaHaye’s Concerned Women for America (CWA), another leading pro-family organization based in Washington. He credits Mrs. LaHaye with being “more fearless in the defense of God’s truth than 95 percent of the men in Washington.” In his first employment with CWA, LaBarbera edited their monthly magazine, Family Voice. Later he worked as a Senior Policy Analyst under Robert Knight at CWA’s Culture and Family Institute, where he wrote and commented extensively on the homosexual issue from a Christian and conservative perspective.

    In Illinois, as Executive Director of the Illinois Family Institute (IFI), LaBarbera emerged as a leading critic of the homosexual activist agenda coming out of Chicago, and led the push—which continues today—for an amendment in Illinois preserving marriage as between one man and one woman. He has appeared on major TV and radio news programs in Chicago, including WTTW’s Chicago Tonight, and across the state, and has been quoted on pro-family issues in Illinois newspapers ranging from the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Southtown in Chicago to the The Southern Illinoisan in Carbondale.

    LaBarbera also sits on the Board of Protect Marriage Illinois, a group launched by IFI that is now independent and seeks to permanently protect the definition of marriage in Illinois against those who would radically redefine it.

    LaBarbera’s concentration on the homosexual agenda began in 1993, when he founded The Lambda Report, a newsletter that used firsthand sources and reporting to reveal the aims of the organized “gay” movement. (The Greek letter Lambda is a homosexual activist symbol.) LR’s biggest story was to expose that an international homosexual umbrella organization (the International Lesbian & Gay Association) counted pedophile groups including the notorious NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) among its members. This led to passage of a U.S. law that makes American funding of international organizations conditional on the absence of any links to pedophile advocacy.

    Later, as an outgrowth of Lambda Report, LaBarbera founded Americans for Truth, which played a key role in exposing the 2000 “Fistgate” scandal in which the Boston affiliate of GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) was found to have sponsored a “youth only” seminar in which three homosexual activists (all Massachusetts state employees) engaged in highly inappropriate sexual banter with students — with one man verbally instructing minors on how to perform the perverse “gay” sex act including “fisting.”

    AFTAH exposed another reckless GLSEN act only a few months after Fistgate, at the organization’s annual conference in 2000, held in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights. There, GLSEN allowed the distribution of a Chicago “gay guide” that contained ads for homosexual bathhouses, leather bars, and pornographic phone-sex—despite the presence of many teenagers at the conference.

    In spite of these highly irresponsible actions corrupting youth, GLSEN to this day retains privileged partner status with many American schools, public and private.Prior to his work on social issues, LaBarbera was a reporter for The Washington Times, where he covered the crisis over communism in Central America, among other issues. In 1990, he left the Times to report freelance from Nicaragua and was one of the only international journalists to predict the stunning victory of Violeta Chamorro over the Marxist Sandinista regime’s candidate, Daniel Ortega. (The late ABC News anchor Peter Jennings was among those who, just prior to the election, predicted confidently—relying on biased polls taken in a Communist-dominated country—that a Sandinista victory was imminent.)

    From such experiences LaBarbera learned that the liberal media often run in politically correct packs, and remain in them even if the whole pack is missing a big or fascinating story. Such is the case today with the media’s reluctance to pursue any story that might hurt the “GLBT” (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) activist movement.

    LaBarbera began his public policy career with Reed Irvine’s Accuracy in Media, and he considered it a privilege to have worked under Irvine, a great American and conservative icon who was the first man to seriously and systematically confront modern liberal media bias. LaBarbera also was a contributing editor at the conservative national weekly, Human Events.

    LaBarbera graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Political Science in 1985. He says he knew he was a conservative when, after President Reagan launched the American liberation of Grenada, he watched as leftist U of M students rushed to the streets to protest Reagan and U.S. “imperialism” before they even knew the facts on the ground. Grenadians today can be thankful that Reagan — and not an anti-American leftist — was leading the free world, or a Cuba-styled totalitarian regime might have taken hold in that Caribbean nation.

    Of course, Reagan’s victory in Grenada only presaged his and America’s stunning triumph over the “evil empire” of Soviet Communism, achieved in large part through his ability to ignore the American Left and the left-leaning media — to win freedom for millions under the banner, “Peace through Strength.”

    LaBarbera lives in Naperville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, with his wife Cristina and their five children.


    AFTAH Political Campaign Policy

    Americans For Truth has adopted the following Political Campaign Policy:

    1. In accordance with its Articles of Incorporation, the Corporation shall not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.
    2. The Corporation shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on (a) by a corporation exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or the corresponding provisions of any future United States Internal Revenue Law) or (b) by a corporation, contributions to which are deductible under section 170(c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or the corresponding provisions of any future United States Internal Revenue Law).
    3. The Corporation shall not endorse or oppose either directly or indirectly any candidate for public office.
    4. The Corporation shall not donate corporate funds to a candidate’s campaign or participate in or engage in political fund raising events or otherwise soliciting contributions on behalf of a candidate for public office.
    5. The Corporation shall not distribute statements for or against a particular candidate for public office.
    6. The Corporation shall not engage in any activity that favors or opposes a candidate for public office.

    Board of Directors, Americans For Truth About Homosexuality
    October 15, 2007


    LaBarbera to Leave IFI to Re-launch Americans for Truth as a Group Devoted Solely to Countering ‘Gay’ Movement

    This is a modified version of a release sent out in August 2006 announcing AFTAH’s re-launch as a full-time organization:

    Naperville, Illinois, August 2006–Peter LaBarbera, the founder of Americans for Truth (about Homosexuality, or AFTAH), has resigned from Illinois Family Institute to assume full-time duties re-launching AFTAH as a national organization devoted solely to confronting the homosexual activist agenda. “I am delighted that soon I will be able to devote my full time and energies to Americans for Truth and its goal of educating citizens on the threat that the powerful and well-funded ‘GLBT’ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) movement poses to children, marriage and freedom,” said LaBarbera, who will be staying on at IFI for several weeks leading up to the November election to help with the transition.

    “Homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual groups spend tens of millions of dollars every year to market and normalize their aberrant lifestyles, yet after all these years there are still only a handful of advocates working solely to expose and counter their agendas,” he said.

    “It’s time for Americans to unapologetically resist the demands of this lobby, and to counter the lies upon which it is built–the foremost being that certain people are inherently or ‘born’ homosexual and that this is a civil rights issue.”

    Americans for Truth, which is based in Naperville, Illinois, outside of Chicago, was formed in 1996 but has been dormant for years. Under the reorganization plan, a team of volunteer leader-activists will be working with AFTAH across the country, including:

    Matt Barber, AFTAH Board Member; Barber gained national attention when he was fired by Allstate Insurance Company after writing an online column critical of “gay marriage.” He once served as AFTAH’s Corporate Outreach Director but has since joined the staff at Concerned Women for America as Policy Director for Cultural Issues, where he is a leading writer and commentator against the homosexual lobby; he remains a Board Member of Americans For Truth.]

    Mike Heath, AFTAH Board Chairman; Executive Director, the Christian Civic League of Maine; Heath is a veteran pro-family activist who twice led a successful grassroots effort to overturn a “sexual orientation” law in Maine. Said LaBarbera: “Mike is a pro-family hero, and he and his talented wife Paulie are two of the kindest people I have ever met. Yet both have been vilified and demonized (sometimes cruelly; see this AFTAH story) by Maine’s homosexual activists and allied liberals. They project their own hate on to us. If all pro-family leaders were like Mike, America would be in a lot less trouble.”

    Donna Miller, AFTAH Special Projects Coordinator, North Carolina. Miller has focused on children’s issues and has helped expose the lewd, vulgar, pro-lesbian, feminist play, “Vagina Monologues,” which has been staged on college campuses across the nation, and is now reportedly coming to high schools. The original “VM” play written by Eve Ensler includes a lesbian pedophile rape scene in which an adult woman plies a 13-year-old girl with alcohol and then seduces her. The girl becomes a happy lesbian, so essentially the book’s message is: raping girls is bad unless it’s done by an adult lesbian.

    Allyson Smith, Americans For Truth Researcher/Writer, San Diego, California. Smith has written extensively for pro-family organizallyson_smith_nlgja.jpgations such as Concerned Women for America, in addition to various Catholic and conservative media outlets such as California Catholic Daily and She attended a National Lesbian and Gay Journalists conference in San Diego in August 2007, and covered the notoriously raunchy and nudity-filled “Folsom Street Fair” in San Francisco [WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS] with LaBarbera the next month. Smith is also a dedicated pro-life activist and has been known to boldly confront wayward politicians at town meetings.

    Said LaBarbera: “AFTAH’s goal is to become a leading resource for Americans seeking to confront the homosexual agenda. We will operate in a spirit of love and truth commanded by God, who is holy and yet gracious and compassionate.”

    “The reality we face is that the same ‘gay’ movement that has reached unparalleled power and influence also aims to redefine traditional Judeo-Christian sexual mores as ‘hatred,’ ‘bigotry,’ and ‘phobic’ prejudice on a par with racism,” he said. “Most Americans are simply unaware of the tremendous threat to freedom and morality that this radical ideology poses to society and especially to committed people of faith.”

    LaBarbera said that AFT will affirm the truth: homosexual behavior is always wrong and yet it is changeable as evinced by the thousands of former ‘gay’ men and lesbians who have overcome homosexual desires and are now living contented lives across the nation.

    “I sincerely believe that nobody has to be ‘gay,’” he said.

    Americans for Truth will publish regular informational e-mails (a weekly digest version will also be available). To sign up for these free publications, please click HERE. AFTAH can be reached at 630-717-7631 or by e-mail. Make online, tax-deductible donations using your VISA or Mastercard HERE, or go HERE for the option of using Paypal or Discover Card or American Express.

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    Re: Radical Homosex Attack on BOYS!

    California Approves Public Orgy - Folsom Street Fair is Back Again

    Think we don’t need Prop. 8? Think Again!

    San Francisco, CA - Matt Barber, Director of Cultural Affairs with Liberty Counsel and Associate Dean with the Liberty University School of Law, released the following statement regarding San Francisco’s homosexual "Folsom Street Fair" occurring this Sunday:

    "It seems almost too fantastic to believe, but it's true. This Sunday, criminal activity and sexual perversion will once again fill San Francisco's public streets, with the shameful blessing of Mayor Gavin Newsom, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger," said Barber.

    Barber continued, "During the Folsom Street Fair, hundreds, if not thousands, of fully nude men walk the public streets engaging in oral sex, sodomy, and some of the most debauched and vile acts of sadomasochism. These outrageous activities happen in broad daylight.

    Children are allowed to, and do, attend this event and are witness to this nudity and public sex. This is nothing short of child abuse.

    Where are the police, you ask? They're ordered to stand by and watch as this criminal activity occurs right in front of them.
    In the past, the San Francisco Police Department hosted a police recruiting booth at the event."

    "Those who engage in this perversion - as well as Folsom Street organizers - are in clear violation of no less than three California state laws (Sections 311.6, 313 and 314 of the California Code) and perhaps more. Each violation is punishable by up to six months in jail. Yet Mayor Newsom and the San Francisco police willfully and knowingly allow this lawlessness and vile perversion to take place in public," Barber stated.

    "Newsom, Pelosi and other liberal politicians who support the Folsom Street Fair are the very same politicians who oppose California's Proposition 8, which, if passed, will abolish court-imposed 'same-sex marriage' and restore the legitimate definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.

    The radical San Francisco exhibitions at the Folsom Street Fair reflect the same values responsible for imposing 'same-sex marriage' on the people of California. The vast majority of Americans do not want San Francisco's antifamily agenda to take root in their own communities.

    For that reason, people across this great nation should demand that all decency laws be enforced in California and that violators be prosecuted. Furthermore, voters in California must vote yes on Prop. 8, and the rest of America should encourage them to do so. It's not just about California. It's about saving America as we know it," concluded Barber.

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    Re: Radical Homosex Attack on BOYS!

    Something like 79 or 81% of the people when polled want Marriage left as it is, in the traditional sense.

    Yet all over there is this wave to have new types or watered down marriage, gay marriages, etc.

    It just like those who know me personally...they have heard all the messes over time and wish that the courts were fairer. I am close to 100% of folks who have seen some of what I have seen being for Family Court reform.

    YET, the average person has no idea how bad family court is, that civil rights, due process, equal representation under the law, right to confront your accuser, innocent until proven guilty and so forth do not exist there.
    Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA, Earth, Milky Way, Universe, Creation

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    Re: Radical Homosex Attack on BOYS!

    . - Measure would protect pimps, not prostitutes." By Debra J. Saunders SFChronicle 8/17/08.
    But one only need look at other articles in the Same Paper - Advertising for "Chicken" (aka -"Rent Boys" for Male Homosex Ephebophile "Chicken Hawks") to see the double standard of Misandry at work:

    Sexual free-for-all lets it all hang out- Special To the Chronicle 1/11/04 - David Henry Sterry, who lives in San Rafael, is the author of the best-selling memoir "Chicken: Self-Portrait of a Young Man for Rent,'' recently purchased by HBO to make into a series.


    Genocidal Coprophile Harvey Milk will not get a School Day given over o his celebration - This Year; but with Both "Kiddie Porn King" Mark Leno representing Sodom by the Sea in the Weimar Kalifornia Senate; and his bun buddy 'Tommy Turdpacker' Ammiano in the Assembly - one can expect this Body Not Fit to Pass Gas to pump out a lot of toxic hot air next session - including another Harvey Homage.

    But then in Frisco they already Advertise in the 'Family' Papers for "Chicken" (Homosex Ephebophile Prostitutes) - all in the name of 'tolerance' - of Homosex Boy Rapists of course.

    In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell

    Prop. K calls for legal prostitution in S.F. John Coté, Chronicle Staff Writer October 6, 2008
    San Franciscans have voted for free citywide wireless, banning handguns and impeaching President Bush. Now the question is whether residents, no strangers to groundbreaking ideas, think the world's oldest profession should be considered a crime...

    Proposition K would effectively decriminalize prostitution in the city by barring the Police Department from investigating and prosecuting it. The measure is being alternately hailed as a human rights landmark or a misguided venture that will turn San Francisco into a playground for sex tourists and pimps... the $8 billion global sex trafficking industry, in which San Francisco is a major hub.

    The measure was endorsed by the local Democratic Party but opposed by some who are open to legalizing prostitution. They say the measure is flawed because it doesn't require HIV testing, set requirements on the location of brothels, limit street prostitution or address programs to assist prostitutes who want leave the business...

    Supporters: Erotic Service Providers Union, San Francisco Democratic Party, Harvey Milk Democratic Club, La Raza Centro Legal.

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    Re: Radical Homosex Attack on BOYS!

    Tolerance Macht Frei!

    The 'message' for Boys inherent in this Misandrist Pogrom is that if they are real good, and learn their Feminism in Government Run Schools, and don't ever grow up to be Men - they too can become a special, anonymous, genderless Deadbeat Donor...

    For the Separatist / Neo-Exterminationist Coven of Dyke Misandry.

    Not merely the validity of experience but the very existence of external reality was tacitly denied by their philosophy. The heresy of heresies was common sense. George Orwell 1984 On the Thought Police.

    First Graders Taken To San Francisco City Hall For Gay Wedding
    October 11, 2008 Contact: Chip White/Sonja Eddings Brown, 916-215-4392(

    SAN FRANCISCO, October 11 – In the same week that the No on 8 campaign launched an ad that labeled as “lies” claims that same-sex marriage would be taught in schools to young children, a first grade class took a school-sponsored trip to a gay wedding. Eighteen first graders traveled to San Francisco City Hall Friday for the wedding of their teacher and her lesbian partner, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.

    The school sponsored the trip for the students, ages 5 and 6, taking them away from their studies for the same-sex wedding. According to the Yes on 8 campaign, the public school field trip demonstrates that the California Supreme Court's decision to legal same-sex marriage has real consequences.

    "Taking children out of school for a same-sex wedding is not customary education. This is promoting same-sex marriage and indoctrinating young kids," said Yes on 8— Campaign Co-Manager Frank Schubert. "I doubt the school has ever taken kids on a field trip to a traditional wedding," Schubert said.

    When asked by the Yes on 8 campaign, The San Francisco Chronicle reporter said she did not know if the school had ever sponsored a field trip for students to a traditional wedding. Telling the Chronicle that the field trip was "a teachable moment," the school's principal believes it is perfectly appropriate for first graders to attend a same-sex wedding. Officials in other school districts disagree.

    "Prop. 8 protects our children from being taught in public schools that 'same-sex marriage' is the same as traditional marriage," said Santa Ana Unified School District board member Rosemarie "Rosie" Avila. "We should not accept a court decision that results in public schools teaching our kids that gay marriage is okay. That is an issue for parents to discuss with their children according to their own values and beliefs. It shouldn't be forced on us against our will," Avila added.

    The lesbian teacher's wedding was officiated by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. Newsom is featured in a Yes on 8 television ad, released last week, in which he arrogantly declares of same-sex marriage: "The door's wide open now. It's gonna happen, whether you like it or not."

    The Yes on 8 campaign's ads explain that if the voters do not overturn the California Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling, teachers will be required to teach young children that there is no difference between gay marriage and traditional marriage. “It's totally unreasonable that a first grade field trip would be to a same-sex wedding," said Chip White, Press Secretary for Yes on 8.

    "This is overt indoctrination of children who are too young to understand it.” The field trip underscores the Yes on 8 campaign’s message that unless Prop. 8 passes, children will be taught about same-sex marriage in public schools. “Not only can it happen, it has already happened,” White said.

    Media contacts:
    Northern & Central California (Sacramento Press Office): Chip White, 916-215-4392
    Los Angeles & Southern California: Sonja Eddings Brown, 818-993-4508


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  3. YWCA Recruits Boys Against Boys
    By Timocrat in forum Announcements
    Replies: 10
    Last Post: 7th-March-2009, 09:29 PM
  4. Replies: 0
    Last Post: 13th-October-2008, 11:30 AM
  5. The Boys Project: An examination of how boys & young men fair in feminized education
    By TheSharpenedPen in forum Discrimination & Sexist Double Standards
    Replies: 0
    Last Post: 28th-October-2007, 06:56 PM

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