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    The misogyny myth busted

    Why Feminist don't want to be equal.

    Equal rights for the Sisterhood and nothing else.

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    Re: The misogyny myth busted

    Great post man, and great video. You know, viewing the psychologist in the view, I see that not only does the men's rights movement have legitimate complaints (definitely worth getting angry over), but its activists are very diverse. "White," Black, male, female, gay, straight, republican, democrat, tories, and many other categories. That's why the movement can (and should) go mainstream. No more privileges for women without responsibilities.
    Last edited by themanonthestreet; 12th-March-2011 at 05:30 AM. Reason: Using the word colored to describe blacks is not appropriate. Unintended I am sure.

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    Re: The misogyny myth busted

    Very interesting, as was the following clip re the glass ceiling. My only real thought on this at the moment (and I will expand further later in another post) is whilst their is no reason for single women, nor women with grown up children to take on more 'masculine' occupations, I think Catherine Tate's sketch sums it up rather well, as does the psychologist in the glass ceiling clip. How can women do a more dangerous job with a child strapped to her back (or in a buggy!)?


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