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    Greatest Hits: Because respecting women means making all their decisions for them

    Greatest Hits: Because respecting women means making all their ...
    ...decisions for them
    Feministe - USA
    For many years, the political struggle over abortion was often framed as a starkly binary choice: the interest of the woman, advocated by supporters of abortion rights, versus the interest of the fetus, advocated by opponents of abortion.
    But last month’s Supreme Court decision upholding the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act marked a milestone for a different argument advanced by anti-abortion leaders, one they are increasingly making in state legislatures around the country. They say that abortion, as a rule, is not in the best interest of the woman; that women are often misled or ill-informed about its risks to their own physical or emotional health; and that the interests of the pregnant woman and the fetus are, in fact, the same.
    They support women so much that they want to make the right decision for us, since clearly we don’t know what we’re doing. And they make an excellent point. After all, we have a long national history of making decisions for women, in their best interests of course. Women wanted to work as lawyers? Silly rabbit, lawyers are mens! And so the wise old dudes on the Supreme Court of yesteryear reminded us that it is women’s “paramount destiny” to “fulfill the noble and benign offices of wife and mother. This is the law of the Creator.”
    It’s also the law of the anti-choice view...

    The death of women in childbirth hurts the men they leave behind more than the women who die.

    Domestic Violence isn't funny...unless men are the victims.

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    Re: Greatest Hits: Because respecting women means making all their decisions for them

    Of course a feminist is going to be upset about women being informed. An abortionist once told the New York Times: "The bottom line is no woman is going to want an abortion after she see's a sonogram."

    According to Kate O'Beirne, the abortion industry makes over $500 million dollars a year.

    Now I know it's a controversial topic, and a safe stance on abortion is not something I really think about; so far it hasn't effected me and I don't want to get caught up in it. All I know is that feminists no longer care about the interests of women or anything else for that matter. They just want those statistics up.

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    Re: Greatest Hits: Because respecting women means making all their decisions for them

    My opinion is that it's murder . . . plain and simple

    Even when there are possible risks to the mother . . . it is still murder . . . How many MEN have sacrificed their lives to save children and women? I can't remember any stories of women doing the same, although I'm here to be corrected.

    There are other circumstances when it may be the only course possible . . .. but they account for a VERY small percentage of the whole, and that's not what we're talking about here.

    To murder a child as a lifestyle choice is unforgivable . . . . I would gladly put a bullet in every one of those women.

    As you can see . . . I'm kind of a black/ white thinking guy.


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