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    Re: What rights should women have?

    Quote Quote from Lady Catherine View Post
    Equality with all others, freedom from statism and capitalism, love, and peace. *nods in defiance*
    I don't like your chances.... I think we are ruled by both capitalism and communism and that they both nicely take away freedom [together]. In fact, I'd go as far as saying they work well together even though they pretend to be at opposite ends. Y'know, environmentalists in NZ have realised there's no win in fighting, but you can sway the changes if you work with the system.

    From what I see, we don't ever go backwards and we don't ever stop progress - initiatives create opportunity to change and change becomes our reality. I think the number 1 question about men's rights is, "Can men change, can they move from attack and defense [which is a characteristic] and work towards something for the greater good of men?" So far, overwhelmingly, the answer is "No!".

    Quote Quote from The Possible Human View Post
    Rights? Well, how about just plain old equality without ANY special treatment by the government, courts, employers, and commerce.

    This: =

    Not This: >=

    Or This: <=

    Not This: =+

    Perhaps This:
    I don't think we can exist without rights. We've [mankind] created what's best for everyone and we've discriminated against those that don't fit. It's like a one size fits all and everyone needs to figure out how to fit. Rights is a way IMO of making sure people fit.

    Quote Quote from Percy View Post
    Jools, I find this insulting.

    Men have to ask to be allowed to do almost everything they want to do. Licences, permits, certificates of this or that are demanded.

    And it is no good saying it is other men that 'Allow' as most of the 'allowers' are beaurocrats and pencilnecks, over 70% of whom are WOMEN.

    Most of the things that men want to do that requires all the friggin' permissions are plain, ordinary things. And they have to PAY a fee to pay the wages of the WOMEN behind the friggin' counter who do the 'permitting'.
    You are onto it Percy. I must apologise because I wasn't looking at the word "Allow" in terms of men allowing women. I actually meant it as the state versus women and wanted to know what men backed. I don't think for one moment that most men have even the slightest ability to say what anyone does and doesn't do. To allow is I suppose, to make a law or policy. As you nicely put, men have to bow to laws and policies everyday [just like women]. In my work, I see a shit reality where women and men are pushed to the limit by laws and policies. "In the best interest of the children" is as much an enemy to mothers as it is to fathers.
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    Ignorance is the Oppressor, Vigilance the Liberator.

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    Re: What rights should women have?

    Quote Quote from julie
    I don't like your chances....
    I'm an anarchist.
    The Bible is bullshit, the Koran is a lie
    The Bagavad Gita did not fall from the sky
    These are the books that are written by men
    They've caused wars, now follow if you can

    First they created sin so they could win
    Then they built the cages they could put us in
    Then they took away our tribes and gave us jail
    Then they took away the Earth and gave us hell -- Corporate Avenger - The Bible is Bullshit

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