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    Feminists Push for Shutting Down Menís Rights Sites & Blogs as Hate Speech

    Dateline: Canada
    By: Jim Hodgins of The National Post (article now removed)
    Via: The Honor Network

    Feminists Push for Shutting Down Men’s Rights Sites Under the Cover of Hate Speech Legislation

    Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

    A federally funded report says "masculinists" are orchestrating a backlash against feminism and blaming women for oppressing and discriminating against men.

    The report's authors claim that masculinists portray men as victims and link feminism with boys' poor performance in schools, male suicide, loss of male identity and discriminatory divorce and child custody laws.

    "A process of levelling the power relationships of men over women is taking hold, not only to mask continued inequality but also to attack some of the gains made by the women's movement," says the $75,000 report, School Success by Gender: A Catalyst for the Masculinist Discourse.

    The report says "masculinist discourse" aims to discredit feminism and challenge the gains made by women in education, at work and in family life.

    The report was written in response to a call from Status of Women Canada, a federal department, to research the subject: "Where have all the women gone? Changing shifts in policy discourses."

    A disclaimer on the front of the report says, "This document expresses the views of the author and does not necessarily represent the official policy of Status of Women Canada or the Government of Canada."

    Among the report's recommendations is that an organization similar to Hate Watch be established to monitor men's groups on the Web, that inciting hatred on the basis of gender should be a hate crime and that women's groups establish a network to counter the masculinists' views.

    Men's groups listed in an appendix to the report said they were outraged at being "smeared."

    Ken Wiebe, from British Columbia, said his Web site,, was set up as a resource centre for fathers who have had trouble in the divorce courts. He denied it promotes hatred of women and said it demands equality.

    "There is no question that I have very little patience for feminists, especially the radical variety of feminism here in Canada," he said. "But I have a wife, I have daughters. This notion that because we are opposed to the feminists' political agenda, that that somehow equates to a dislike of women, is just propaganda. That's some kind of smear campaign."

    Mickey MacMillan, of Kamloops Parents of Broken Families, said he was angry at being put on the "hit list." "All I've ever done is advocate for equal parenting," said Mr. MacMillan, who represented Canada as a boxer in the 1962 Commonwealth Games.

    "I have no agenda against women. I don't like feminists because I think they're radical and I think they're against men, but I don't think they should try to criminalize me. And my government paying for it, it is a disgrace."

    - Jim Hodgins, of the Canadian Committee for Fairness in Family Law in Ontario,

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    re: Feminists Push for Shutting Down Menís Rights Sites & Blogs as Hate Speech

    These MRAs seem to defend themselves poorly. They should point out that this report proves that feminists are fascists.

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    re: Feminists Push for Shutting Down Menís Rights Sites & Blogs as Hate Speech

    Yeah I was going to say, it's not men's sites hating feminists. It's men's sites reporting on the countless studies proving their attitute, the bias in the courts, the behaviour of modern women towards men etc.

    Hate speech? Are they kidding. Hello Freedom of Speech? What are they saying? These studies that have been doing are 'hate studies' done by 'hate scientists' and 'hate socioligists.' Jeez they make me sick, they still can't accept any wrongdoing for anything ever.

    The good point is shows the effect all the Men's Rights sites are having with these feminists.

    "Only the educated are free." Epictetus

    ďIt is by luxury and the vanity of women that empires decay.Ē -Benjamin Franklin

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    re: Feminists Push for Shutting Down Menís Rights Sites & Blogs as Hate Speech

    The good point is shows the effect all the Men's Rights sites are having with these feminists.
    Field Marshall Watkins Welcome aboard Mate and..
    Yes we will also save them to HD and print them and distribute them by other means we will not be silenced.If they do censor free speech via their political lap dogs...big mistake
    feminism is a disease the Doc is working on a cure. Symptoms include compulsive liar, constant aggression, allergic to logic, often affects women who are fat with short hair and big earings, but can be normal looking.
    Reason tablets three taken daily. If the sufferer displays shaming tactics double the dose. Remarkably the illness disappears in disaster zones.

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    re: Feminists Push for Shutting Down Menís Rights Sites & Blogs as Hate Speech

    If they really wanted to make inciting hatred based on gender a crime, then feminists should be the first ones cuffed and locked away! May I suggest that the key be thrown away?


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