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    Carla Bruni-Sarkozy swollows her words after a Tweet storm

    'My generation doesn't need feminism'
    Only two days after Carla Bruni-Sarkozy stated that feminism was not needed by her generation, she was pushed into recanting her words in a public storm. Personally, I wish Twitter never existed as I think it does more social harm than good but it's there and the feminists have forced another person to retreat from what they believe in.
    Twitter Campaign Forces Carla Bruni-Sarkozy to Backpedal on Feminism - The Daily Beast
    In comments released to preview that French Vogue interview, Bruni-Sarkozy, 44, declared: “We don’t need to be feminists in my generation. There are pioneers who paved the way. I am not at all a feminist activist.” The remarks sparked a quick storm of invective online.
    On Wednesday and Thursday, nearly 2,000 took to Twitter to use the hashtag, many angrily taking the former first lady to task. Domestic violence, rape conviction rates, pensions, job security, and household chores were among the topics. Some suggested that as long as boys can’t play with dolls or aspire to be midwives without eliciting snide remarks, feminism is necessary.
    Not all the feedback was critical, however. Some agreed with Bruni-Sarkozy. “I have nothing against feminists even though they discredited the image of women, thank you to #ChèreCarlaBruni for allowing me to say so,” tweeted @NGTprofiler.
    On Wednesday night, Bruni-Sarkozy, speaking to Elle France, backpedaled on the remarks—even before they hit newsstands in Vogue Paris on Monday. “That phrasing was very clumsy and poorly expresses my thoughts,” she explained. “It should have read: ‘I have never personally felt the need to be a feminist activist.’” Toying with the concept, Bruni-Sarkozy continued, “I imagine that I am [feminist]...
    solving planetary misandry

    Feminism's ridiculous reality can be hard to separate from the laughably ridiculous.

    I like females - I admire femininity - I despise feminism

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    Re: Carla Bruni-Sarkozy swollows her words after a Tweet storm

    With "friends" like this...

    This is, though, a good case study in the risks of too enthusiastically presuming on the support for men's issues from female "converts", especially public figures or those who would seek celebrity on the strength of their "coming around".
    The feminist vision for the male future is like a badly-written novel: all narrative and no dialogue.
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