By Kathleen Parker. Read it. Awesome. -est.

You have no idea, how reading this helped me to cool down today. I woke up and started to read sunday edition of the newspaper - there was one article about Father's day. It was written by a man. Who happens to be a father. I managed to get through 2 paragrahps, then just stopped reading. The usual misandric bullshite. Tho' he tried to write it in jest, kind of, as if he wanted to say: "OK, men aren't that bad, but in a funny way they are incompetent, dependant, blah blah blah, they try to be good fathers/husbands, but they just can't do it right blah blah blah... They may have good intentions, but they are but mere men, today's women don't really need men anymore, tho' they are good for that financial thang etc." I just stopped reading.

IM SO SICK OF CRAP LIKE THIS! The only article there is, and it has to be fcuking degradation of fathers. He can try to be funny at it all he wants, but the point of the article remains clear - men are but mere fathers. Bah.

So to read this article above from the good Kathleen, well that was just a thing of beauty. What a refreshing thing to see, too. Thank you Kathleen. Thank you.

Read it.