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    Fathers cause success in children

    Another clear indicator of the importance of Fathers, which will be ignored.

    Australian study shows that the successof a child is linked to father's education

    No surprise to anyone who follows genetics research. It's all IQ and IQ isgenetically transmitted. Government "support" will do little.

    A Smith Family study (P. This is a Charity Organisation in Oz) has linked a father's education level to the professionalsuccess of his children. The report - titled Unequal Opportunities: LifeChances for Children in the Lucky Country - compares the lives and backgroundsof 13,000 university graduates aged 30 to 45.

    It found those who had a university educated father were more likely to hold adegree themselves, have a professional job and earn around $300 more a weekthan those without an academic dad.

    Among those people whose fathers did not go on to higher education, only 30 percent had achieved a degree, compared to 65 per cent for those whose fathers didget a degree.

    "If you think about a parent who had a limited education theirunderstanding of career paths available to their kid would be much morelimited," the charity's Wendy Field said. "For families on incomesupport the difference is really, really stark.

    "For kids it can mean that they make choices in their life that reallyprotect their families from any additional financial stress and it can alsomean that they just don't have access to a whole lot of opportunities."

    The Smith Family says the report is disheartening and shows Australia has a wayto go before its lucky status can be justified.

    In 2008, after the Bradley Review into higher education, the Government adopteda target of increasing the number of university students from poor families to20 per cent. The latest report shows that the current level is hovering around15 per cent.

    Last week Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced new funding measures to helpachieve the 20 per cent goal. Low income families will receive an extra $10,000a year to encourage their teenage children to stay at school or in training.

    Ms Field says it is a welcome first step. "It'll be interesting to see howthat translates into take-ups," she said. "And it'll also beinteresting to see what supports are available to help those kids to stay atuniversity, because it's so much more difficult for kids whose parents are notin a position to support them financially."


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    Re: Fathers cause success in children

    Quote Quote from percy
    [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3] [/Q[/SIZE][/FONT]UOTE]
    Percywrinkles... it might be easier to not worry about quoting - just put a line of dashes or something ...

    I'm betting the feminists won't be happy that a study involving fathers did not include them and some 'it am teh evul menz fault' reference.
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