From 2003: Woman jailed over false rape allegation

A scorned woman who cried rape after a Fatal Attraction-style pursuit of her ex-boyfriend has been jailed.

Obsessed Lisa Braithwaite, 26, couldn't bear her former lover's rejection, even though she had a new partner.

She tried to lure the man back after their relationship broke up by sending him explicit photographs of herself and lustful letters.

But her efforts failed, and after a visit to his home she claimed he had raped her.

In jailing her for four-months at Newcastle Crown Court, Judge Esmond Faulks said: "This is a very serious matter. You are a woman with no previous convictions, but the authorities indicate a custodial sentence would be appropriate in such cases."

Northumbria Police officers arrested the innocent man at his home in the early hours following Braithwaite's accusation.

But as their inquiries continued, discrepancies in her story emerged and she later admitted having fabricated up the rape attack.

Braithwaite, of Framlington Place, Newcastle, was jailed yesterday after admitting a charge of perverting the course of justice.

The man has since had to move from his home to try to escape the distress of having the word spread that he was arrested for rape.

Prosecutor Tim Parkin said: "The consequences for him have been very upsetting. He was in custody for some 15 hours and subjected to the full regime of intimate samples.

"Because of the police search of his home, neighbours were aware of what had happened and in a statement has said he was forced to move from his flat because of the attitude of his neighbours.

"He has said, `This event has changed my life. Losing my flat really hurts me and I will never feel the same again.'"

Det Insp Martin Harvey of Newcastle City Area Command said after the sentencing: "A rape allegation is one of the most serious offences reported to the police.

"We will always thoroughly investigate these allegations and we encourage victims to come forward.

"In this case a lot of work went into the inquiry and discrepancies began to emerge in the complainant's story, even though she continued to maintain she had been raped.

"When Braithwaite was spurned by her former boyfriend she deliberately misled the police with an elaborate story that pointed the finger of suspicion against an innocent man."

He added: "Prosecutions for false allegations of rape are rare."

Braithwaite's relationship with the man had ended some months before the rape allegation, and she sent him letters and explicit pictures in a bid to restart the romance.

He tore them up in embarrassment and, instead of leaving the images in his bin, he dumped them in a neighbour's bin.

The images were later to prove crucial as evidence of Braithwaite's attempts to get back with him permanently when they were retrieved by the police.