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    Five SAPD officers cleared of rape claims; accuser jailed instead

    These five cops got off because the lying whore changed her story multiple times. Had she been a better liar, they might have been in serious trouble. It's frightening when the testimony of 5 men is worth less than the testimony of one woman.

    Also, note that the men were forced to undergo physical exams but the woman refused to be examined!!! If a rape accuser refuses to have her body examined, the charges should be dropped immediately!!

    Five SAPD officers cleared of rape claims; accuser jailed instead
    KENS 5 TV

    Martha Zamora Basaldua is accused of making false claims to San Antonio police about a sexual assault. But this was no ordinary rape allegation.
    According to an arrest warrant, the 28-year-old alleged five officers from SAPD tried to have their way with her during a DWI accident on May 19. Officers said her claims were false.
    Two investigations by SAPD have confirmed that the officers committed no such acts...

    ...The warrant said the detective left the 28-year-old accuser alone in the interview room. She reportedly called a friend on the telephone and changed her story again...

    ...According to the arrest warrant, police conducted two full investigations into her allegations. The accused officers underwent body searches, the alleged crime scene was processed and everyone at the scene of the May accident was interviewed. However, the warrant said Basaldua would not submit to a full sexual assault exam...

    ...A warrant was issued for Basaldua's arrest on Monday for a charge of filing a false report. The 28-year-old was arrested. She is currently out of jail on a $3,500 bond.
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    Re: Five SAPD officers cleared of rape claims; accuser jailed instead

    Obviously. Just like charges for murder should be dropped if the family doesn't allow for an autopsy.

    And obviously if some people gang rape you, they won't say shit. It's like getting your mother to give you an alibi. It doesn't prove jack shit.

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    Re: Five SAPD officers cleared of rape claims; accuser jailed instead

    Hypocritical bastards.

    OK, so they charge her, rightly, with making false allegations.


    They don't bother to lay charges when it is Joe Bloggs on the recieving end.

    But they are damned fast when it is them.

    I am prepared to lay a $50 bet that if you went through that police department's records over the past five years you would find at least 50 cases of false allegation where no charges were laid at all.

    Chrystal Magnum is still walking free.

    RV, stay away from North Carolina ! The cops there are as corrupt as the ex-DA and he is only ex because he was caught out by three boys' wealthy parents who screwed his arse to the floor with ten inch bolts.
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