From 2007: False story of rape lands woman in jail

A WOMAN who claimed she was gang raped by five Spaniards, but was later found to have made the story up, has been jailed for a year.

Carol Morton, 25, told police she had been raped by the men in a flat in Coates Place in the early hours of February 21.

But she was found to have made the story up after a digital camera recording of the sex session taken by one of the men showed her telling them what to do.

Morton had met three of the men in the street at 1.30am and agreed to go to have sex with them for 20 each.

When she got there, another two men showed up and began filming. Trouble broke out after one of the men went into her handbag and took back the money they had given her.

Morton then ran semi-naked into the common stairwell shouting that she had been raped.

She admitted making false claims of rape and wasting police time at Edinburgh Sheriff Court earlier this month.

Morton also pleaded guilty to slapping a man she had been out drinking with on May 11.

Sheriff Derrick McIntyre jailed her for 12 months for the claim and three months for assault, which will run concurrently.